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Zarton Commander 1

Based On Personal Notes and Interview Transcriptions Provided by :
Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy
Editing and Supplemental Footnotes by:
Lawrence R. Spencer

This book is dedicated to all Immortal Spiritual Beings, whether they are

aware of themselves as such, or not. It is especially dedicated to the

wisdom, courage and integrity of those Greater Beings, who in various

incarnations at various times during the past, in the present and into the

future, enkindle and carry the Flame of Truth into the darkest corners of the


This dedication is not only to the philosophical teachings and technologies
developed by these beings, but to the demonstrated and documented
courage to apply their philosophy in the face of overwhelming ignorance,
overt hostility and aggressive suppression by lesser beings and by the selfserving
vested interests of inter-galactic and planetary political, economic,
and religious institutions.
Though relatively few in number, the profound wisdom and heroic
dedication of such beings, and those who share their quest, have been the
only effective deterrent to spiritual slavery. Freedom, Communication,
Creativity ,Trust and Truth for all Immortal Spiritual Beings in this universe
is their legacy. The Good Examples set by them is our sanctuary and
sustenance. Personal, diligent application of their teachings is our weapon
against the dwindling spiral of chaos and oblivion that is the material
-- Lawrence R. Spencer --

Chapter One
My First Interview With The Alien
"By the time the alien had been returned to the base I had already spent several hours
with her. As I mentioned, Mr. Cavitt told me to stay with the alien, since I was the
only person among us who could understand her communication. I could not
understand my ability to "communicate" with the being. I had never before that time
experienced telepathic communication with anyone.
The non-verbal communication I experienced was like the understanding you might
have when a child or a dog is trying to get you to understand something, but much,
much more direct and powerful! Even though there were no "words" spoken, or
signs made, the intention of the thoughts were unmistakable to me. I realized later
that, although I received the thought, I did not necessarily interpret it's meaning
I think that the alien being was not willing to discuss technical matters, due to the
nature of her position as an officer and pilot with the duty to maintain the security
and confidentiality required by her own "unit" or organization. Any soldier who is
captured by the "enemy" in the line of duty has a responsibility to withhold vital
information, even in the face of interrogation or torture, of course.
But, in spite of that, I have always felt that the alien being was not really trying to
hide anything from me. I just never got that feeling. Her communication always
seemed honest and sincere to me. But, I suppose you can never know for sure. I
definitely feel that I shared a unique "bond" with the alien. It was a kind of "trust" or
empathy that you have with a patient, or a child. I think this is because the alien
could understand that I was really interested in "her" and had no harmful intention,
nor would I allow any harm to come to her, if I could prevent it. This was true too.
I refer to the alien as "her". Actually, the being was not sexual in any way, either
physiologically or psychologically. "She" did have a rather strong, feminine
presence and demeanor. However, in terms of physiology, the being was "asexual"
and had no internal or external reproductive organs. Her body was more like the
body of a "doll" or "robot". There were no internal "organs", as the body was not
constructed of biological cells. It did have a kind of "circuit" system or electrical
nervous system that ran throughout the body, but I could not understand how it
In stature and appearance the body was quite short and petite. About a 40 inches tall.
The head was disproportionately large, relative to arms, legs and torso, which where
thin. There were three "fingers" on each of two" hands" and "feet" which were
somewhat prehensile. 22 (Footnote) The head had no operational "nose" or "mouth"
or "ears". I understood that a space officer does not need these as space has no
atmosphere to conduct sound. Therefore, sound related sensory organs are not built
into the body. Nor does the body need to consume food, hence, the absence of a
The eyes were quite large. I was never able to determine the exact degree of visual
acuity of which the eyes were capable, but I observed that her sense of sight must
have been extremely acute. I think the lenses of the eyes, which were very dark and
opaque, may also have been able to detect waves or particles beyond the visual
spectrum of light. 23 (Footnote) I suspect that this may have included the full range
of the electromagnetic spectrum, 24 (Footnote) or more, but I do not know this for
When the being looked at me her gaze seemed to penetrate right through me, as
though she had "x-ray vision". 25 (Footnote) I found this a little embarrassing, at first,
until I realized that she had no sexual intentions. In fact, I don't think she ever even
had the thought that I was male or female.
It become very obvious after a short time with the being that her body did not require
oxygen, food or water or any other external source of nutrition or energy. As I
learned later, this being supplied her own "energy", which animated and operated the
body. It seemed a little bit eerie at first, but I got used to the idea. It's really a very,
very simple body. There is not much to it, compared to our own bodies.
Airl explained to me that it was not mechanical, like a robot, nor was it biological. It
is animated directly by her as a spiritual being. Technically, from a medical
standpoint, I would say that Airl's body could not even be called "alive". Her "doll"
body is not a biological life form, 26 (Footnote) with cells, and so forth.
It had a smooth skin, or covering which was gray in color. The body was highly
tolerant to changes in temperature, atmospheric conditions, and pressure. The limbs
were quite frail, without musculature. In space there is no gravity, 27 (Footnote) so
very little muscle strength is needed. The body was used almost entirely on space
craft or in low, or no-gravity environments. Since Earth has a heavy gravity, the
body was not able to walk around very well as the legs were not really suited to that
purpose. The feet and hands were quite flexible and agile however.
Over night, before my first interview with the alien, the area had been transformed
into a buzzing hive of activity. There were a dozen men working on setting up lights
and camera equipment. A motion picture camera and microphone and a tape
recorder was there also set up in the "interview room". (I don't understand why a
microphone was needed, since there was no verbal communication possible with the
alien.) There was also a stenographer 28 (Footnote) and several people busily typing
on typewriters.
I was informed that an expert foreign language interpreter and a "code breaking"
team had been flown to the base during the night to assist with my efforts to
communicate with the alien. There were also several medical personnel --
specialists in various fields -- to examine the alien. And, a professor of psychology
was there to help formulate questions and "interpret" the answers. As I was just a
nurse, I was not considered to be a "qualified" interpreter, even though I was the only
one there who could understand anything the alien was thinking!
There were many subsequent conversations between us. Each "interview" resulted in
an exponential increase in understanding between us, as I will discuss later on in my
notes. This is the first transcript with the answers to a list of questions provided to
me by the intelligence officer at the base which I debriefed to the stenographer
immediately following the interview."
Official Transcript of the U.S. Army Air Force
Roswell Army Air Field, 509th Bomb Group
"QUESTION - "Are you injured?"
QUESTION - "What medical assistance do you require?"
QUESTION - "Do need food or water or other
QUESTION - "Do you have any special environmental
needs, such as air temperature, atmospheric chemical
content, air pressure, or waste elimination?"
QUESTION - "Does your body or space craft carry any
germs or contamination that may be harmful to humans
or other Earth life forms?"
QUESTION - "Does your government know you are here?"
QUESTION - "Are others of your kind going to come
looking for you?"
QUESTION - "What is the weapons capability of your
I did not understand the exact nature of the kind of
arms or weapons that they might have, but I did not
feel that there was any malevolent intention in her
reply, just a statement of fact.
QUESTION - "Why did your space craft crash?"
QUESTION - "Why was your space craft in this area?"
EXPLOSIONS 29 (Footnote)
QUESTION - "How does your space craft fly?"
"Mind" or "thought command" are the only English
language words I can think of to describe the
thought. Their bodies, and I think, the space craft,
are connected directly to them through some kind of
electrical "nervous system" that they control with
their own thoughts.
QUESTION - "How do your people communicate with each
The words "mind" and "thought" combined together are
the closest English language words I can think of to
describe the idea at this time. However, it was very
obvious to me that they communicate directly from the
mind, just as she is communicating with me.
QUESTION - "Do you have a written language or symbols
for communication?"
QUESTION - "What planet are you from?"
Since I am not an astronomer, I have no way of
thinking in terms of stars, galaxies, constellations
and directions in space. The impression I received
was of a planet in the center of a huge cluster of
galaxies that is to her like "home", or "birthplace".
The word "domain" is the closest word I can think of
to describe her concept, images and thoughts about
where she is from. It could as easily be called the
"territory" or the "realm". However, I am sure that
it was not just a planet or a solar system or a
cluster of stars, but an enormous number of galaxies!
QUESTION - "Will your government send representatives
to meet with our leaders?"
QUESTION - "What are your intentions concerning
QUESTION - "What have you learned about Earth
governments and military installations?"
QUESTION - "Why haven't your people made your
existence known to the people of Earth?"
I got the impression that contact with people on
Earth was not permitted, but I could not think of a
word or idea that communicated the impression I got
exactly. They are just observing us.
QUESTION - "Have your people visited Earth’s
QUESTION - "How long have you known about Earth?"
I am not sure if the word "prehistoric" would be more
accurate, but it was definitely a very long period of
time before human beings evolved.
QUESTION - "What do you know about the history of
civilization on Earth?"
The answer to this question seemed very vague to me.
However, I perceived that her interest in Earth
history is not very strong or that she did not pay
much attention to it. Or, maybe, ... I don't know.
I didn't really get an answer to the question.
QUESTION - "Can you describe your home world to us?"
QUESTION - "What is the state of development of your
I use the number "trillions" 30 (Footnote) because I am
sure that the meaning was a number larger than many
billions. The idea of the length of time she
communicated is beyond me. It's really closer to
the idea of "infinity" in terms of Earth years.
QUESTION - "Do you believe in God?"
I am sure that the alien being does not understand
the concept of "god" or "worship" as we do. I assume
that the people in her civilization were all
atheists. My impression was that they think very
highly of themselves and are very prideful indeed!
QUESTION - "What type of society do you have?"
These are the closest words I could use to describe
the idea she had about her own society or
civilization. Her "emotion" when communicating her
response to this question became very intense, very
bright and emphatic! Her thought was filled with an
emotion that gave me a feeling of jubilation or joy.
But, it made me very nervous also.
QUESTION - "Are there other intelligent life forms
besides yourself in the universe?"
Due to her small stature, I am sure that she did not
mean "tallest" or "biggest". Again, her prideful
"nature" showed through in the feeling I received
from her."
"This was the conclusion of the first interview. When the answers to the first
list of questions were typed and given to the people who were waiting for them,
they were very excited that I was able to get the alien to say anything!
However, after they finished reading my answers they were disappointed that I
could not understand more clearly. Now they had a lot of new questions
because of the answers I received to the first list of questions.
An officer told me to await further instructions. I waited for several hours in the
adjoining office. I was not allowed to continue my "interview" with the alien.
However, I was always well treated and allowed to eat and sleep and use the
restroom facilities whenever I wanted.
Eventually, a new list of questions was written for me to ask the alien. I
gathered that quite a few other agents, government and military officials had
arrived at the base by this time. They told me that several other people would be
in the room with me during the next interview so they could prompt me to ask
for more details during the interview. However, when I attempted to conduct
the interview with these people in the room, I received no thoughts, emotions or
any other perceptible communication from the alien. Nothing. The alien just sat
in a chair without moving.
We all left the interview room. The intelligence agent became very agitated
about this. He accused me of lying or making up the answers to the first
questions. I insisted that my answers were honest, and as accurate as I could
make them!
Later that day, it was decided that several other people would attempt to ask
questions of the alien. However, in spite of several attempts by different
"experts", no one else was ever able to get any communication at all from the
Over the next several days a psychic research scientist from back East was
flown to the base to interview the alien. Her name was Gertrude something or
other. I don't recall the last name. 31 (Footnote) On another occasion an Indian
clairvoyant named Krishnamurti 32 (Footnote) came to the base to try to
communicate with the alien . Neither one was successful at getting the alien to
communicate anything. I was personally not able to communicate telepathically
with either of these people either, although I did think that Mr. Krishnamurti
was a very kind and intelligent gentleman.
Finally, it was decided that I should be left with the alien by myself to see if I
could get any answers."
Chapter Two
My Second Interview
"In the next interview I was told to ask the alien only one question."
Official Transcript of the U.S. Army Air Force
Roswell Army Air Field, 509th Bomb Group
"QUESTION - "Why have you stopped communicating?"
The alien can not communicate with them because they
were afraid of her, or do not trust her. And, it is
clear to me that the alien is very aware that some
people have secret intentions toward her and are hiding
their real thoughts. It is equally obvious to me that
the alien does not have even a tiny bit of fear of us,
or anything else, for that matter!"
"I pondered the words I chose to convey the meaning of the aliens thoughts very
carefully before reporting to the stenographer and the people who were waiting
anxiously in the other room.
Personally, I never suffered any fear or misapprehension about the alien
whatsoever. I was very, very curious and excited to learn anything and
everything I could about her and from her. However, like the alien, I did not
have much trust or confidence in the agents or "authorities" who were
controlling my interviews. I had no idea what their intentions toward her might
be. However, I am sure that the military officers were very, very nervous about
having an alien space craft and pilot on their hands!
At that moment, my greatest worry was how to more clearly understand the
thoughts and ideas of the alien. I think that I was doing pretty well as a
telepathic "receiver", but not as good as telepathic "sender".
I wanted desperately to figure out a better way to communicate with the alien in
a way that would enable the growing legion of government officials to
understand her more directly, without having to rely on my interpretation of her
thoughts. I did not feel very well qualified to act as an interpreter, yet I was the
only person with whom the alien would communicate, so it was up to me to get
the job done.
I was also becoming acutely aware that this was probably the biggest "news
event" in the history of Earth, and that I should be proud to have any part in it.
Of course by that time the entire incident had been officially denied in the press
and a cover-up of immense proportions by the military and the "powers that be"
33 (Footnote) had already begun.
However, I was beginning to feel the pressure of the responsibility for being the
first person on Earth, as far as I knew, to communicate with an extraterrestrial
life form! I think I know how Columbus 34 (Footnote) must have felt when he
discovered a "new world" the size of a continent on one small planet. But, I was
about to discover an entirely new, unexplored universe! 35 (Footnote)
While I waited for my next instructions from my superiors I went to my
quarters, under escort of several heavily armed MPs. Several other men dressed
in black suits and ties accompanied me also. They were still there when I got up
in the morning. After breakfast, which was brought to me in my own quarters,
they escorted me back to the office at the base that was used for the interview."
Chapter Three
My Third Interview
"The third interview, and all subsequent interviews that I had with the alien were
observed and recorded, as I mentioned above, by dozens of other people.
Although they were not physically present, a special room had been constructed
with a window of one-way glass through which the interview could be observed
from an adjoining room, without intruding on the alien.
The alien had been moved into the newly constructed room and was seated in an
ordinary overstuffed living room chair covered with a flowery fabric. I'm sure
that someone had been sent into town to buy a chair from the nearest available
furniture store. The aliens body was about the same size as a very thin 5 year
old child, so she was dwarfed by the chair.
Since her body was not biological it didn't need any food, air or heat, and
apparently, she didn't sleep either. There were no eyelids, or eyebrows above
her eyes, so the eyes didn't close. I don't think anyone could tell whether she was
sleeping or awake as long as she was sitting upright in the chair. Unless she
moved her body or gestured with her hand, it would be hard to tell whether she
was even alive or not, unless you could perceive her thoughts.
Eventually, I learned that the alien was not identified by her body, but by her
"personality", so to speak. She was known by her fellow aliens as "Airl". This
is the closest word I can use to describe the name using the English alphabet. I
sensed that she preferred the feminine gender. I think we shared a natural,
female empathy and nurturing attitude toward life and each other. I am sure she
did not feel comfortable with the combative, aggressive, domineering attitude of
the male officers and agents, each of whom was more concerned with their own
personal self-importance and power than with discovering the secrets of the
When I entered the room, she was very pleased to see me. I felt a very genuine
sense of recognition, relief and a "warm" feeling from her. It was like the eager
excitement and unconditional, platonic affection one feels from a dog or child,
yet with a calm and reserved control. I must say that I was surprised that I felt
the same sort of affection for the alien being, especially since we had spent so
little time with each other. I was pleased that I was able to continue my
interviews with her in spite of all the attention it was getting from the stream of
government and military people arriving at the base.
It was very obvious that the people who wrote the next series of questions for
me wanted to learn how to communicate with the alien themselves, without
having to go through me.
Here are the answers to the new list of questions:"
Official Transcript of the U.S. Army Air Force
Roswell Army Air Field, 509th Bomb Group
"QUESTION - Can you read or write any Earth languages?
QUESTION - Do you understand numbers or mathematics?
QUESTION - Can you write or draw symbols or pictures
that we may be able to translate into our own
QUESTION - Are there any other signs or means of
communication you can use to help us understand your
thoughts more clearly?
"I was very sure that this was not true. But, I understood clearly that Airl was
not willing to communicate in writing or drawing or sign language. My feeling
was that she was following orders, like any soldier who has been captured, not to
reveal any information that might be useful to an enemy, even under torture. She
was only able and willing to reveal non-confidential, or personal information, or
"name, rank and serial number"."
Official Transcript of the U.S. Army Air Force
Roswell Army Air Field, 509th Bomb Group
SUBJECT: ALIEN INTERVIEW, 11. 7. 1947, 2nd Session
"QUESTION - Can you show us on a map of the stars
which is the star of your home planet? 36 (Footnote)
This is not because she does not know the directions
from Earth to her home planet. She was unwilling to
reveal the location. It was also due to the fact that
the star system of her home planet does not exist on
any star map on Earth. It is too far away.
QUESTION - How long will it take your people to locate
you here?
QUESTION - How long would it take your people to
travel here to rescue you?
QUESTION - How can we make them understand that we do
not intend to harm you?
QUESTION - If you are not a biological entity, why do
you refer to yourself as feminine?
"These questions took me only a few minutes to complete. I realized then that
we may be in for some serious trouble if the alien was not willing to cooperate,
or reveal any information that the military or intelligence agencies or scientists
considered to be useful to them.
I was also sure that the alien was very certain of the actual intentions of the
people who wrote these questions, as she could "read their minds" just as easily
as she could read my thoughts and communicate with me telepathically. Because
of these intentions, she was unwilling and unable to cooperate with any of them
in any way, under any circumstances. I am equally sure that since she was not a
biological life form, that there was no kind of torture or coercion that would
change her mind!"
Chapter Four
The Language Barrier
"After I explained what I thought were the reasons for the "no answer" answer to
the intelligence agents, there was a great deal of upset and turmoil. A very
heated discussion took place between some of the intelligence officers, military
officials, psychologist and the language interpreters. This lasted for several
hours. It was finally decided that I should be allowed continue to interview the
alien, provided I could get a satisfactory answer from her to the following
Official Transcript of the U.S. Army Air Force
Roswell Army Air Field, 509th Bomb Group
SUBJECT: ALIEN INTERVIEW, 11. 7. 1947, 3rd Session
"QUESTION - "What assurance or proof do you require
from us that will make you feel safe enough to answer
our questions."
"When I returned from the interview room to report the alien response to this
question I received a grim and skeptical reception from the assembled
intelligence agents and military personnel. They could not understand what the
alien meant by this.
I admitted that I couldn't really understand what she meant either, but I was
doing the best I could to articulate her telepathic intentions. I told the officials
that perhaps the communication problem had to do with my inability to
understand the telepathic language of the alien clearly enough to be satisfactory.
I was so discouraged at that point I almost felt like giving up!
And now, there was even more arguments than before! I was sure I was going
to be removed from my position, in spite of the fact that the alien refused to
communicate with anyone else, or that no one else had been found who could
communicate with her.
Fortunately, a very clever fellow named John Newble, who was a Japanese
language specialist from the Navy, 37 (Footnote) had an explanation and a
solution to the problem. He explained that, first, the problem had very little to
do with the inability of the alien to communicate. It had more to do with her
unwillingness to communicate with anyone other than myself. Second, in order
for any clear, comprehensive communication to happen, both parties needed to
understand and communicate through a common language.
Words and symbols in language convey very precise concepts and meanings.
He said that the Japanese people have a lot of homonyms 38 (Footnote) in their
language which cause a lot of confusion in day to day communication. They
solve this problem by using standard Chinese characters 39 (Footnote) to write
down the exact meanings of the word they are using. This clears up the matter
for them.
Without a defined nomenclature communication was not possible beyond the
rudimentary understanding between men and dogs, or between two small
children. The lack of a common vocabulary of clearly defined words that all
parties can use fluently, was the limiting factor in communication between all
people, groups, or nations.
Therefore, he suggested that there were only two choices. I had to learn to
speak the language of the alien, or the alien had to learn to speak English.
Factually only one choice was possible: that I persuade Airl to learn English,
and that I teach it to her with the guidance of the language specialist. No one
had any objection to trying this approach, as there were no other suggestions.
The language specialists suggested that I take several children's books, and a
basic reading primer, and grammar text with me into the interview room. The
plan was that I would sit next to the alien and read aloud to her from the books,
while pointing to the text I was reading with my finger so that she could follow
The theory was that the alien could eventually be taught to read, just as a child is
taught to read by word and sound association with the written word, as well as
instruction in fundamental grammar. They also assumed, I think, that if the
alien was intelligent enough to communicate with me telepathically, and fly a
space craft across the galaxy, that she could probably learn to speak a language
as quickly as a 5 year old, or faster!
I returned to the interview room and proposed this idea to Airl. She did not
object to learning the language, although she did not make any commitment to
answer questions either. No one else had a better idea, so we went ahead."
Chapter Five
Reading Lessons
"I began the reading lessons with the first pages of a school book that had been used
to teach pioneer children in the 1800s on the frontiers of America. It is called
"McGuffey's Eclectic Reader, Primer Through Sixth". 40 (Footnote)
Since I am a nurse, and not a teacher, the language expert who gave me the books
also gave me an extensive briefing -- a course that took an entire day -- on how to
use the books to teach the alien. He said the reason he chose these particular books
was because the original 1836 version of these books were used for three-quarters of
a century to teach about four-fifths of all American school children how to read. No
other books ever had so much influence over American children for so long.
McGuffey's educational course begins in "The Primer" by presenting the letters of
the alphabet to be memorized, in sequence. Children were then taught, step by step,
to use the building blocks of the language to form and pronounce words, using the
phonics method 41 (Footnote) which involves teaching children to connect sounds
with letters. Each lesson begins with a study of words used in the reading exercise
and with markings to show the correct pronunciation for each word.
I discovered that the stories in the "First and Second Readers" picture children in
their relationship with family members, teachers, friends, and animals. The "Third,
Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Readers" expanded on those ideas. One of the stories I
remember was "The Widow and the Merchant". It's kind of a morality tale about a
merchant who befriends a widow in need. Later, when the widow proves herself to
be honest, the merchant gives her a nice gift. The books do not necessarily teach you
to believe that charity is expected only of wealthy people though. We all know that
generosity is a virtue that should be practiced by everyone.
All of the stories were very wholesome and they gave very good explanations to
illustrate virtues like honesty, charity, thrift, hard work, courage, patriotism,
reverence for God, and respect for parents. Personally, I would recommend this book
to anyone!
I also discovered that the vocabulary used in the book was very advanced compared
to the relatively limited number of words people use commonly in our modern age. I
think we have lost a lot of our own language since our Founding Fathers wrote the
Declaration of Independence over 200 years ago!
As instructed, I sat next to Airl in the interview room reading aloud to her from each
successive book in the series of McGuffey's Readers. Each of the books had
excellent, simple illustrations of the stories and subjects being taught, although they
are very outdated by today's standards. Nonetheless, Airl seemed to understand and
absorb every letter, sound, syllable and meaning as we progressed. We continued
this process for 14 hours a day for 3 consecutive days without interruption, except
for a few meals and rest breaks on my part.
Airl did not take breaks for anything. She did not sleep. Instead she remained sitting
in the overstuffed chair in the interview room, reviewing the lessons we had already
covered. When I returned each morning to begin where we'd left off, she had already
memorized the previous lessons and was well into the next pages. This pattern
continued to accelerate until it became pointless for me to continue reading to her.
Although Airl did not have a mouth to speak with, she was now able to "think" at me
in English. At the end of these lessons, Airl was able to read and study by herself. I
showed her how to use a dictionary to look up new words she encountered. Airl
consulted the dictionary continually after that. From then on my job was acting as a
courier for her, requesting that reference books be brought to her in a steady stream.
Next, Mr. Newble brought in a set of the Encyclopedia Britannica. 42 (Footnote)
Airl especially enjoyed this because it had a lot of pictures. After that, she requested
many more picture books and reference books with photographs and drawings
because it was much easier to understand the meaning if she could see a picture of
the thing she was studying.
Over the next six days books were brought in from libraries all over the country, I
presume, because it wasn't more than a few more days before she had read through
several hundred of them! She studied every subject I could imagine, and many other
very technical things I never wanted to know anything about, like astronomy,
metallurgy, engineering, mathematics, various technical manuals, and so forth.
Later she began to read fiction books, novels, poetry and the classics of literature.
Airl also asked to read a great many books on subjects in the humanities, especially
history. I think she must had read at least 50 books about human history and
archaeology. Of course, I made sure that she received a copy of the Holy Bible also,
which she read from cover to cover without comment or questions.
Although I continued to stay with Airl for 12 to 14 hours each day, most of that time
during the following week had been spent without much communication between us,
except for an occasional question she asked me. The questions were usually meant
to give her a sense of context or to clarify something in the books she was reading.
Oddly, Airl told me that her favorite books are "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"
43 (Footnote), "Don Quixote de la Mancha" 44 (Footnote) and "One Thousand and One
Nights" 45 (Footnote). She said the authors of these stories showed that it is more
important to have great spirit and imagination than great skill or power.
I could not answer a lot of her questions, so I consulted with the people in the outer
room for answers. Most of these had to do with technical and scientific things. A
few of her questions were about the humanities. The depth of complex
understanding and subtlety of her questions showed that she had a very penetrating
Personally, I think she had already known a lot more about the culture and history of
Earth than she was willing to admit when we started. I would soon discover how
much more."
Chapter Six
My Education Begins
"By the 15th day after "rescuing" Airl from the crash site, I was able to communicate
fluidly and effortlessly with her in English. She had absorbed so much written
material by this time that her academic education far exceeded my own. Although I
graduated from high school in Los Angeles in 1940 and attended college for four
years of premedical and nursing training, the variety of my own reading had been
fairly limited.
I had not studied most of the subjects to which Airl had now been exposed,
especially considering her acute understanding, very intense study habits and a
nearly photographic memory! She was able to recall long passages from books she
read. She was especially fond of sections of her favorite stories from classic
literature like The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn 46 (Footnote), tales from
Gulliver's Travels 47 (Footnote) and Peter Pan 48 (Footnote) and The Legend of Sleepy
Hollow 49 (Footnote).
By this time Airl had become the teacher, and I was the student. I was about to learn
what men of Earth do not know and have no way of knowing!
The throng of scientists and agents who observed us through the one-way glass of
our interview room, whom Airl and I now referred to as "the gallery", were growing
increasingly impatient to ask her questions. But Airl continued to refuse to allow
any questions to be asked of her by anyone other than myself, even vicariously
through me as an interpreter, or in writing.
On the afternoon of the 16th day Airl and I sat next to each other as she read. She
closed the last page of a book she was reading and placed it aside. I was about to
hand her the next book from a large pile waiting to be read, when she turned and said
or "thought" to me, "I am ready to speak now". At first I was a little confused by the
remark. I gestured for her to continue and she began to teach me my first lesson."
Official Transcript of the U.S. Army Air Force
Roswell Army Air Field, 509th Bomb Group
SUBJECT: ALIEN INTERVIEW, 24. 7. 1947, 1st Session
"What would you like to say, Airl?", I asked.
"I have been a part of the Domain Expeditionary Force in
this sector of space for several thousand years.
However, I have not personally had intimate contact with
beings on Earth since 5,965 BCE. It is not my primary
function to interact with inhabitants of planets within
The Domain. I am an Officer, Pilot and Engineer, with
many duties to perform. Nonetheless, although I am
fluent in 347 other languages within The Domain, I have
not been exposed to your English language.
The last Earth language with which I was conversant was
the Sanskrit language of the Vedic Hymns. 50 (Footnote) At
that time I was a member of a mission sent to
investigate the loss of a Domain base located in the
Himalaya Mountains. An entire battalion of officers,
pilots, communications and administrative personnel
disappeared and the base destroyed.
Several million years ago I was trained and served as an
Investigation, Data Evaluation and Program Development
Officer for The Domain. Because I was experienced in
that technology, I was sent to Earth as part of the
search team. One of my duties involved interrogation of
the human population that inhabited the adjoining area
at that time. 51 (Footnote) Many of the people in that region
reported sighting "vimanas" or space craft in the area. 52
Following the logical extension of evidence, testimony,
observation, as well as the absence of certain evidence,
I led my team to the discovery that there were still
"Old Empire" ships and well-hidden "Old Empire"
installations in this solar system of which we had been
completely unaware.
You and I were unable to communicate in your language
because I, personally, have not been exposed to your
language. However, now that I have scanned the books and
material you provided me this data has been relayed to
our space station in this region and processed by our
communications officer through our computers. It has
been translated into my own language and relayed back to
me in a context that I can think with. I have also
received additional information from the files stored in
our computers about the English language and Domain
records concerning Earth civilization." 53 (Footnote)
"Now I am prepared to give you certain information that
I feel will be of great value to you. I will tell you
the truth. Although truth is relative to all other
truth, I wish to share with you as honestly and
accurately as possible, truth as I see it, within the
boundaries of my integrity to myself, to my race and
without violating my obligations to the organization I
serve and have sworn to uphold and protect".
"OK", I thought. "Will you answer questions from the
gallery now?"
"No. I will not answer questions. I will provide
information to you that I think will be beneficial to
the well-being of the immortal spiritual beings who
comprise humanity, and that will foster the survival of
all the myriad life forms and the environment of Earth,
as it is a part of my mission to ensure the preservation
of Earth.
"Personally, it is my conviction that all sentient
beings are immortal spiritual beings. This includes
human beings. For the sake of accuracy and simplicity I
will use a made-up word: "IS-BE". Because the primary
nature of an immortal being is that they live in a
timeless state of "is", and the only reason for their
existence is that they decide to "be".
No matter how lowly their station in a society, every
IS-BE deserves the respect and treatment that I myself
would like to receive from others. Each person on Earth
continues to be an IS-BE whether they are aware of the
fact or not."
(I will never forget this conversation. Her tone was very matter-of-fact and
emotionless. However, for the first time, I sensed the presence of a warm and real
"personality" in Airl. Her reference to "immortal spiritual beings" struck me like a
flash of light in a dark room. I had never before considered that a human being
could be an immortal being.
I thought that status or power was reserved solely for The Father, The Son, and The
Holy Ghost. And, because I am a devout Catholic and subject to the word of The
Lord Jesus, and The Holy Father, I have never thought of a woman as an immortal
spiritual being either -- not even the Holy Mother Mary. Yet, when Airl thought
that thought, I became vividly aware for the very first time that she, personally, was
an immortal spiritual being, and so are we all!
Airl said that she sensed that I was confused about the idea. She said she would
demonstrate to me that I am also an immortal spiritual being. She said, "Be above
your body!" Immediately, I realized that I was "outside" of my body, looking down
from the ceiling at the top of my body's head! 54 (Footnote) I was also able to see the
room around me, including Airl's body sitting in the chair next to my own body.
After a moment, I realized the simple, but shocking, reality, that "I" am not a body.
In that moment a black veil lifted and for the first time in my life, and for a very long
time into the past, I realized that I am not "my soul", but that "I" am "me" -- a
spiritual being. This was an unexplainable epiphany, but one that fills me with a joy
and relief I cannot recall having experienced ever before. As for the "immortal" part,
I do not understand her meaning, as I have always been taught that I am not immortal
-- a spirit, perhaps -- but certainly not immortal!
After a moment -- I'm not sure how long -- Airl asked me if I had a better
understanding of the idea. Suddenly, I was back inside my body again, and said out
loud, "Yes! I see what you mean!".
I was so taken aback by the experience that I had to get up from my chair and walk
around the room for a few minutes. I made an excuse that I needed to get a drink of
water, and go to the restroom, which I did. In the restroom I looked at my "self" in
the mirror. I used the toilet, refreshed my make-up, and straightened my uniform.
After 10 or 15 minutes I felt more "normal" again and returned to the interview
After that I felt as though I was no longer just an interpreter for Airl. I felt as though
I was a "kindred spirit". I felt like I was safe, at home, with a trusted friend or
family member, as close as any I have ever had. Airl sensed and understood my
confusion about the concept of "personal immortality". She began her first "lesson"
with me by explaining this to me."
"Airl told me her reasons for coming to Earth and for
being in the area of the 509th Bomber Squadron. She was
sent by her superior officers to investigate the
explosions of nuclear weapons which have been tested in
New Mexico. Her superiors ordered her to gather
information from the atmosphere that could be used to
determine the extent of radiation and potential harm
this might cause to the environment. During her mission,
the space craft was struck by a lighting 55 (Footnote), which
caused her to lose control and crash.
The space craft is operated by IS-BEs who use "doll
bodies" in much the same way that an actor wears a mask
and costume. It is a like a mechanical tool through
which to operate in the physical world. She, as well as
all of the other IS-BEs of the officer class and their
superiors, inhabit these "doll bodies" when they are on
duty in space. When they are not on duty, they "leave"
the body and operate, think, communicate, travel, and
exist without the use of a body.
The bodies are constructed of synthetic materials,
including a very sensitive electrical nervous system, to
which each IS-BE adjusts themselves or "tune in" to an
electronic wavelength 56 (Footnote) that is matched uniquely
to the wavelength or frequency emitted by each IS-BE.
Each IS-BE is capable of creating a unique wave
frequency which identifies them, much like a radio
signal frequency. This serves, in part, as
identification like a finger print. The doll body acts
like a radio receiver for the IS-BE. No two frequencies
or doll bodies are exactly the same.
The bodies of each IS-BE crew member are likewise tuned
into and connected to the "nervous system" built into
the space craft. The space craft is built in much the
same way as the doll body. It is adjusted specifically
to the frequency of each IS-BE crew member. Therefore,
the craft can be operated by the "thoughts" or energy
emitted by the IS-BE. It is really a very simple,
direct control system. So, there are no complicated
controls or navigation equipment on board the space
craft. They operate as an extension of the IS-BE.
When the lightning bolt struck the space craft this
caused a short circuit and consequently "disconnected"
them from the control of the ship momentarily which
resulted in the crash.
Airl was, and still is, an officer, pilot and engineer
in an expeditionary force which is part of a space opera
57 (Footnote) civilization which refers to itself as "The
Domain". This civilization controls a vast number of
galaxies, stars, planets, moons and asteroids throughout
an area of space that is approximately one-fourth of the
entire physical universe! The continuing mission of her
organization is to "Secure, control and expand the
territory and resources of The Domain".
Airl pointed out that their own activities were very
similar in many ways to the European explorers who
"discovered" and "claimed" the New World for The Holy
Father, The Pope and for the kings of Spain, Portugal
and later, Holland, England, France and so forth. Europe
benefited from the property "acquired" from the native
inhabitants. However, the native inhabitants were never
consulted with or asked for their permission to become a
part of the "domain" of European nations and the
soldiers and priests they sent to acquire territory and
wealth in order to advance their interests.
Airl said she read in a history book that the Spanish
king regretted the brutal treatment of the native
inhabitants by his soldiers. He feared retribution from
the gods he worshipped, as described in the various
testaments of the Bible. He asked the Pope to prepare a
statement called "The Requirement" 58 (Footnote) which was
supposed to be read to each of the newly encountered
native inhabitants.
The king hoped that the statement, whether it was
accepted or rejected by the natives, would absolve the
King of all responsibility for the resulting slaughter
and enslavement of these people. He used this statement
as justification to confiscate their lands and
possessions by his soldiers and the Pope's priests.
Apparently, the Pope, personally, did not have any
feelings of guilt or responsibility in the matter.
Airl thought that such actions were those of a coward
and that it is no surprise that the territory of Spain
was diminished so quickly. Only a few years later the
king was dead and his empire had been assimilated by
other nations.
Airl said that this sort of behavior does not occur in
The Domain. Their leaders assume full responsibility
for the actions of The Domain, and would not denigrate
themselves in this fashion. Nor do they fear any gods
or have any regret for their actions. This idea
reinforces my earlier suggestion that Airl and her
people are probably atheists.
In the case of the acquisition of Earth by The Domain,
the rulers of The Domain have chosen not to openly
reveal this intention to the "native inhabitants" of
Earth until a later time when it may, or may not, suit
their interests to reveal themselves. For the present
time, it is not strategically necessary to make the
presence of The Domain Expeditionary Force known to
Mankind. In fact, until now, it has been very
aggressively hidden, for reasons that will be revealed
The asteroid belt near Earth is a very small, but
important location for The Domain in this part of space.
Actually, some of the objects in our solar system are
very valuable for use as low-gravity "space stations".
They are interested primarily in the low gravity
satellites in this solar system which consists mainly of
the side of the moon facing away from Earth 59 (Footnote) and
the asteroid belt, which was a planet that was destroyed
billions of years ago, and to a lesser degree, Mars and
Venus. Doom structures synthesized from gypsum 60 (Footnote)
or underground bases covered by electromagnetic force
screens 61 (Footnote) are easily constructed to house the
Domain forces.
Once an area of space is acquired by The Domain and
becomes a part of the territory under its control, it is
treated as the "property" of The Domain. The space
station near the planet Earth is important only because
it lay along a path of The Domain expansion route toward
the center of the Milky Way galaxy and beyond. Of
course, everyone in The Domain is aware of this --
except for the people of Earth."
Chapter Seven
A Lesson In Ancient History
"My instruction with Airl continued through the night until dawn of the next
morning. I must say, that I was fascinated, skeptical, shocked, alarmed, dismayed
and disgruntled by the "lesson" I was getting from Airl. I could never have imagined
any of what she was telling me -- not even in my wildest dreams and nightmares!
The next afternoon, after I had slept, showered and eaten, I was debriefed about my
interview session the previous evening by members of the gallery who recorded my
account of what Airl told me. There was a stenographer present for this session, as
usual, to whom I debriefed after each interview, and there were also 6 or 7 men who
asked for clarification of my statements. As always, there was constant pressure
applied to me to use my influence with Airl to persuade her to answer specific
questions prompted by members of the gallery. I did my best to reassure everyone
that I would give my very best efforts to do so.
Nevertheless, only three things happened every day thereafter:
1) Airl resolutely refused to answer any questions that she sensed had been posed by
or suggested to me by the gallery.
2) Airl continued to "instruct" me in subject matter of her own choice.
3) Every evening after my interview with, or instruction from Airl, she would give
me a new list of subject matter about which she wanted more information. Each
evening I presented this list to the gallery. The next day Airl received a large stack
of books, magazines, articles, and so forth. She would study all of these during the
night while I slept. This pattern repeated every day during the remainder of the time
I spent with her.
The subject matter of my next interview, or lesson, from Airl continued with a brief
history of Earth, our solar system and nearby space, from the perspective of The
Official Transcript of the U.S. Army Air Force
Roswell Army Air Field, 509th Bomb Group
SUBJECT: ALIEN INTERVIEW, 25. 7. 1947, 1st Session
"Before you can understand the subject of history, you
must first understand the subject of time. Time is
simply an arbitrary measurement of the motion of objects
through space.
Space is not linear. Space is determined by the point
of view of an IS-BE when viewing a object. The distance
between an IS-BE and the object being viewed is called
Objects, or energy masses, in space do not necessarily
move in a linear fashion. In this universe, objects
tend to move randomly or in a curving or cyclical
pattern, or as determined by agreed upon rules.
History is not only a linear record of events, as many
authors of Earth history books imply, because it is not
a string that can be stretched out and marked like a
measuring tool. History is a subjective observation of
the movement of objects through space, recorded from the
point of view of a survivor, rather than of those who
succumbed. Events occur interactively and concurrently,
just as the biological body has a heart that pumps
blood, while the lungs provide oxygen to the cells,
which reproduce, using energy from the sun and chemicals
from plants, at the same time as the liver strains toxic
wastes from the blood, and eliminates them through the
bladder and the bowels.
All of these interactions are concurrent and
simultaneous. Although time runs consecutively, events
do not happen in an independent, linear stream. In
order to view and understand the history or reality of
the past, one must view all events as part of an
interactive whole. Time can also be sensed as a
vibration which is uniform throughout the entire
physical universe.
Airl explained that IS-BEs have been around since before
the beginning of the universe. The reason they are
called "immortal", is because a "spirit" is not born and
cannot die, but exists in a personally postulated
perception of "is - will be". She was careful to explain
that every spirit is not the same. Each is completely
unique in identity, power, awareness and ability.
The difference between an IS-BE like Airl and most of
the IS-BEs inhabiting bodies on Earth, is that Airl can
enter and depart from her "doll" at will. She can
perceive at selective depths through matter. Airl and
other officers of The Domain can communicate
telepathically. Since an IS-BE is not a physical
universe entity it has no location in space or time.
An IS-BE is literally, "immaterial". They can span great
distances of space instantly.
They can experience sensations, more intensely than a
biological body, without the use of physical sensory
mechanisms. An IS-BE can exclude pain from their
perception. Airl can also remember her "identity", so
to speak, all the way back into the dim mists of time,
for trillions of years!
She says that the existing collection of suns in this
immediate vicinity of the universe have been burning for
the last 200 trillion years. The age of the physical
universe is nearly infinitely old, but probably at least
four quadrillion 62 (Footnote) years since its earliest
Time is a difficult factor to measure as it depends on
the subjective memory of IS-BEs and there has been no
uniform record of events throughout the physical
universe since it began. As on Earth, there are many
different time measurement systems, defined by various
cultures, which use cycles of motion, and points of
origin to establish age and duration. 63 (Footnote)
The physical universe itself is formed from the
convergence and amalgamation of many other individual
universes 64 (Footnote), each one of which were created by an
IS-BE or group of IS-BEs. The collision of these
illusory universes commingled and coalesced and were
solidified to form a mutually created universe. Because
it is agreed that energy and forms can be created, but
not destroyed, 65 (Footnote) this creative process has
continued to form an ever-expanding universe of nearly
infinite physical proportions.
Before the formation of the physical universe there was
a vast period during which universes were not solid, but
wholly illusionary. You might say that the universe was
a universe of magical illusions which were made to
appear and vanish at the will of the magician. In every
case, the "magician" was one or more IS-BEs. Many ISBEs
on Earth can still recall vague images from that
period. Tales of magic, sorcery and enchantment, fairy
tales and mythology speak of such things, 66 (Footnote)
although in very crude terms.
Each IS-BE entered into the physical universe when they
lost their own, "home" universe. That is, when an ISBE's
"home" universe was overwhelmed by the physical
universe, or when the IS-BE joined with other IS-BEs to
create or conquer the physical universe.
On Earth, the ability to determine when an IS-BE entered
the physical universe is difficult for two reasons:
1) the memory of IS-BEs on Earth have been erased, and
2) IS-BEs arrival or invasion into the physical universe
took place at different times, some 60 trillion years
ago, and others only 3 trillion. Every once in a short
while, a few million years, an area or planet will be
taken over by another group of IS-BEs entering into the
Sometimes they will capture other IS-BEs as slaves. 67
(Footnote) They will be forced to inhabit bodies to perform
menial, or manual work -- especially mining mineral ores
on heavy-gravity planets, such as Earth.
Airl says that she has been a member of The Domain
Expeditionary Force for more than 625 million years,
when she became a pilot for a biological survey mission
which included occasional visits to Earth. She can
remember her entire career there, and for a very long
time before that.
She told me that Earth scientists do not have an
accurate measuring system to gauge the age of matter.
They assume that because certain types of materials seem
to deteriorate rather quickly, such as organic or
carbon-based matter, that there is a deterioration of
matter. It is not accurate to measure the age of stone,
based on the measurement of the age of wood or bone.
This is a fundamental error. Factually, matter does not
deteriorate. It cannot be destroyed. Matter may be
altered in form, but it is never truly destroyed.
The Domain has conducted a periodic survey of the
galaxies in this sector of the universe since it
developed space travel technologies about 80 trillion
years ago. A review of changes in the complexion of
Earth reveal that mountain ranges rise and fall,
continents change location, the poles of the planet
shift, ice caps come and go, oceans appear and
disappear, rivers, valleys and canyons change. In all
cases, the matter is the same. It is always the same
sand. Every form and substance is made of the same
basic material, which never deteriorates.
("I cannot even begin to imagine how advanced a civilization may have become,
technically, and mentally, after trillions of years! Just think of how advanced our
own country has become, compared to only 150 years. Only a few generations ago
transportation was on foot, horseback or boat, reading was done by candle light,
heating and cooking were done over a fireplace, and there wasn't any indoor
"Airl described the abilities of an IS-BE officer of The
Domain to me, and she demonstrated one to me when she
contacted -- telepathically -- a communications officer
of The Domain who is stationed in the asteroid belt.
68 (Footnote)
The asteroid belt is composed of thousands of broken up
pieces of a planet that once existed between Mars and
Jupiter. It serves as a good low-gravity jumping off
point for incoming space craft traveling toward the
center of our galaxy.
She requested that this officer consult information
stored in the "files" of The Domain, concerning the
history of Earth. She asked the communications officer
to "feed" this information to Airl. The communications
officer immediately complied with the request. Based on
the information stored in the files of The Domain, Airl
was able to give me a brief overview or "history
lesson". This is what Airl told me that The Domain had
observed about the history of Earth:
She told me that The Domain Expeditionary Force first
entered into the Milky Way galaxy very recently -- only
about 10,000 years ago. Their first action was to
conquer the home planets of the "Old Empire" (this is
not the official name, but a nick-name given to the
conquered civilization by The Domain Forces) that served
as the seat of central government for this galaxy, and
other adjoining regions of space. These planets are
located in the stars systems in the tail of the Big
Dipper constellation. 69 (Footnote) She did not mention which
stars, exactly.
About 1,500 years later The Domain began the
installation bases for their own forces along the path
of invasion which leads toward the center of this galaxy
and beyond. About 8,200 years ago The Domain forces set
up a base on Earth in the Himalaya Mountains near the
border of modern Pakistan and Afghanistan. This was a
base for a battalion of The Domain Expeditionary Force,
which included about 3,000 members.
They set up a base under or inside the top of a
mountain. The mountain top was drilled into and made
hollow to create an area large enough to house the ships
and personnel of that force. An electronic illusion of
the mountain top was then created to hide the base by
projecting a false image from inside the mountain
against a "force screen". The ships could then enter
and exit through the force screen, yet remain unseen by
homo sapiens.
Shortly after they settled there the base was surprised
by an attack from a remnant of the military forces of
the "Old Empire". Unbeknownst to The Domain, a hidden,
underground base on Mars, operated by the "Old Empire",
had existed for a very long time. The Domain base was
wiped out by a military attack from the Mars base and
the IS-BEs of The Domain Expeditionary Force were
You can imagine that The Domain was very upset about
losing such a large force of officers and crew, so they
sent other crews to Earth to look for them. Those crews
were also attacked. The captured IS-BEs from The Domain
Forces were handled in the same fashion as all other ISBEs
who have been sent to Earth. They were each given
amnesia, had their memories replaced with false pictures
and hypnotic commands and sent to Earth to inhabit
biological bodies. They are still a part of the human
population today.
After a very persistent and extensive investigation into
the loss of their crews, The Domain discovered that "Old
Empire" has been operating a very extensive, and very
carefully hidden, base of operations in this part of the
galaxy for millions of years. No one knows exactly how
long. Eventually, the space craft of the "Old Empire"
forces and The Domain engaged each other in open combat
in the space of the solar system.
According to Airl, there was a running battle between
the "Old Empire" forces and The Domain until about 1235
AD, when The Domain forces finally destroyed the last of
the space craft of the "Old Empire" force in this area.
The Domain Expeditionary Force lost many of its own
ships in this area during that time also.
About 1,000 years later the "Old Empire" base was
discovered by accident in the spring of 1914 AD. The
discovery was made when the body of the Archduke of
Austria, 70 (Footnote) was "taken over" by an officer of The
Domain Expeditionary Force. This officer, who was
stationed in the asteroid belt, was sent to Earth on a
routine mission to gather reconnaissance.
The purpose of this "take over" was to use the body as a
"disguise" through which to infiltrate human society in
order to gather information about current events on
Earth. The officer, as an IS-BE, having greater power
than the being inhabiting the body of the Archduke,
simply "pushed" the being out and took over control of
the body.
However, this officer did not realize how much the
Hapsburgs were hated by feuding factions in the country,
so he was caught off guard when the body of the Archduke
was assassinated by a Bosnian student. The officer, or
IS-BE, was suddenly "knocked out" of the body when it
was shot by the assassin. Disoriented, the IS-BE
inadvertently penetrated one of the "amnesia force
screens" and was captured.
Eventually The Domain discovered that a wide area of
space is monitored by an "electronic force field"
71 (Footnote) which controls all of the IS-BEs in this end of
the galaxy, including Earth. The electronic force
screen is designed to detect IS-BEs and prevent them
from leaving the area.
If any IS-BE attempts to penetrate the force screen, it
"captures" them in a kind of "electronic net". The
result is that the captured IS-BE is subjected to a very
severe "brainwashing" treatment which erases the memory
of the IS-BE. This process uses a tremendous electrical
shock, just like Earth psychiatrists use "electric shock
therapy" to erase the memory and personality of a
"patient" and to make them more "cooperative". 72 (Footnote)
On Earth this "therapy" uses only a few hundred volts of
electricity. However, the electrical voltage 73 (Footnote)
used by the "Old Empire" operation against IS-BEs is on
the order of magnitude of billions of volts! This
tremendous shock completely wipes out all the memory of
the IS-BE. The memory erasure is not just for one life
or one body. It wipes out the all of the accumulated
experiences of a nearly infinite past, as well as the
identity of the IS-BE!
The shock is intended to make it impossible for the ISBE
to remember who they are, where they came from, their
knowledge or skills, their memory of the past, and
ability to function as a spiritual entity. They are
overwhelmed into becoming a mindless, robotic nonentity.
After the shock a series of post hypnotic suggestions 74
(Footnote) are used to install false memories, and a false
time orientation in each IS-BE. This includes the
command to "return" to the base after the body dies, so
that the same kind of shock and hypnosis can be done
again, and again, again -- forever. The hypnotic
command also tells the "patient" to forget to remember.
What The Domain learned from the experience of this
officer is that the "Old Empire" has been using Earth as
a "prison planet" for a very long time -- exactly how
long is unknown -- perhaps millions of years.
So, when the body of the IS-BE dies they depart from the
body. They are detected by the "force screen", they are
captured and "ordered" by hypnotic command to "return
to the light". The idea of "heaven" and the "afterlife"
are part of the hypnotic suggestion -- a part of the
treachery that makes the whole mechanism work.
After the IS-BE has been shocked and hypnotized to erase
the memory of the life just lived, the IS-BE is
immediately "commanded", hypnotically, to "report" back
to Earth, as though they were on a secret mission, to
inhabit a new body. Each IS-BE is told that they have a
special purpose for being on Earth. But, of course
there is no purpose for being in a prison -- at least
not for the prisoner.
Any undesirable IS-BEs who are sentenced to Earth were
classified as "untouchable" 75 (Footnote) by the "Old Empire".
This included anyone that the "Old Empire" judged to be
criminals who are too vicious to be reformed or subdued,
as well as other criminals such as sexual perverts, or
beings unwilling to do any productive work.
An "untouchable" classification of IS-BEs also includes
a wide variety of "political prisoners" 76 (Footnote). This
includes IS-BEs who are considered to be noncompliant
"free thinkers" or "revolutionaries" who make trouble
for the governments of the various planets of the "Old
Empire". Of course, anyone with a previous military
record against the "Old Empire" is also shipped off to
A list of "untouchables" include artists, painters,
singers, musicians, writers, actors, and performers of
every kind. For this reason Earth has more artists per
capita than any other planet in the "Old Empire".
"Untouchables" also include intellectuals, inventors and
geniuses in almost every field. Since everything the
"Old Empire" considers valuable has long since been
invented or created over the last few trillion years,
they have no further use for such beings. This includes
skilled managers also, which are not needed in a society
of obedient, robotic citizens.
Anyone who is not willing or able to submit to mindless
economic, political and religious servitude as a taxpaying
worker in the class system of the "Old Empire"
are "untouchable" and sentenced to receive memory wipeout
and permanent imprisonment on Earth.
The net result is that an IS-BE is unable to escape
because they can't remember who they are, where they
came from, where they are. They have been hypnotized to
think they are someone, something, sometime, and
somewhere other than were they really are.
The Domain officer who was "assassinated" while in the
body of Archduke of Austria was, likewise, captured by
the "Old Empire" force. Because this particular officer
was a high powered IS-BE, compared to most, he was taken
away to a secret "Old Empire" base under the surface of
the planet Mars. They put him into a special electronic
prison cell and held him there.
Fortunately, this Domain officer was able to escape from
the underground base after 27 years in captivity. When
he escaped from the "Old Empire" base, he returned
immediately to his own base in the asteroid belt. His
commanding officer ordered that a battle cruiser be
dispatched 77 (Footnote) to the coordinates of the base,
provided by this officer, and to destroy that base
completely. This "Old Empire" base was located a few
hundred miles north of the equator on Mars in the
Cydonia region. 78 (Footnote)
Although the military base of the "Old Empire" was
destroyed, unfortunately, much of the vast machinery of
the IS-BE force screens, the electroshock / amnesia /
hypnosis machinery continues to function in other
undiscovered locations right up to the present moment.
The main base or control center for this "mind control
prison" 79 (Footnote) operation has never been found. So, the
influences of this base, or bases, are still in effect.
The Domain has observed that since the "Old Empire"
space forces were destroyed there is no one left to
actively prevent other planetary systems from bringing
their own "untouchable" IS-BEs to Earth from all over
this galaxy, and from other galaxies nearby. Therefore,
Earth has become a universal dumping ground for this
entire region of space.
This, in part, explains the very unusual mix of races,
cultures, languages, moral codes, religious and
political influences among the IS-BE population on
Earth. The number and variety of heterogeneous
societies on Earth are extremely unusual on a normal
planet. Most "Sun Type 12, Class 7" planets are
inhabited by only one humanoid body type or race, if
In addition, most of the ancient civilizations of Earth,
and many of the events of Earth have been heavily
influenced by the hidden, hypnotic operation of the "Old
Empire" base. So far, no one has figured out exactly
where and how this operation is run, or by whom because
it is so heavily protected by screens and traps.
Furthermore, there has been no operation undertaken to
seek out, discover and destroy the vast and ancient
network of electronics machinery that create the IS-BE
force screens at this end of the galaxy. Until this has
been done, we are not able to prevent or interrupt the
electric shock operation, hypnosis and remote thought
control 80 (Footnote) of the "Old Empire" prison planet.
Of course all of the crew members of The Domain
Expeditionary Force now remain aware of this phenomena
at all times while operating in this solar system space
so as to prevent detection and the capture by "Old
Empire" traps."
Chapter Eight
A Lesson In Recent History
"This interview taught me a history lesson I will never read in any text book written
on Earth! The Domain has a much different view of events than we do."
Official Transcript of the U.S. Army Air Force
Roswell Army Air Field, 509th Bomb Group
SUBJECT: ALIEN INTERVIEW, 26. 7. 1947, 1st Session
"The Domain Expeditionary Force has observed a
resurgence in science and culture of the Western world
since 1150 AD when the remaining remnants of the space
fleet of the "Old Empire" in this solar system were
destroyed. The influence of the remote control 81 (Footnote)
hypnosis operation diminished slightly after that time,
but still remains largely in force.
Apparently a small amount of damage was done to the "Old
Empire" remote mind control 82 (Footnote) operation which
resulted in a small decrease in the power of this
mechanism. As a result, some memory of technologies
that IS-BEs already knew before they came to Earth
started to be remembered. Thereafter the oppression of
knowledge that is called the "Dark Ages" 83 (Footnote) in
Europe began to diminish after that time.
Since then knowledge of the basic laws of physics 84
(Footnote) and electricity 85 (Footnote) have revolutionized Earth
culture virtually overnight. The ability to remember
technology by many of the geniuses in the IS-BE
population of Earth was partially restored, when not so
actively suppressed as it was before 1150 AD. Sir Isaac
Newton, 86 (Footnote) is one of the best examples of this. In
only a few decades he single-handedly reinvented several
major and fundamental scientific and mathematical
The men who "remembered" these sciences already knew
them before they were sent to Earth. Ordinarily, no one
would ever observe or discover as much about science and
mathematics in a single life-time, or even in a few
hundred life-times. These subjects have taken
civilizations billions and billions of years to create!
IS-BEs on Earth have only just begun to remember small
fragments of all the technologies that exist throughout
the universe. Theoretically, if the amnesia mechanisms
being used against Earth could be broken entirely, ISBEs
would regain all of their memory!
Unfortunately, similar advances have not been seen in
the humanities as the IS-BEs of Earth continue to behave
very badly toward each other. This behavior, however,
is heavily influenced by the "hypnotic commands" given
to each IS-BE between lifetimes. 87 (Footnote)
And, the very unusual combination of "inmates" on Earth
- criminals, perverts, artists, revolutionaries and
geniuses - is the cause of a very restive and tumultuous
environment. The purpose of the prison planet is to
keep IS-BEs on Earth, forever. Promoting ignorance,
superstition, and war between IS-BEs helps to keep the
prison population crippled and trapped behind "the wall"
of electronic force screens.
IS-BEs have been dumped on Earth from all over the
galaxy, adjoining galaxies, and from planetary systems
all over the "Old Empire", like Sirius, Aldebaron, the
Pleiades, Orion, Draconis, and countless others. There
are IS-BEs on Earth from unnamed races, civilizations,
cultural backgrounds, and planetary environments. Each
of the various IS-BE populations have their own
languages, belief systems, moral values, religious
beliefs, training and unknown and untold histories.
These IS-BEs are mixed together with earlier inhabitants
of Earth who came from another star system more than
400,000 years ago to establish the civilizations of
Atlanta 88 (Footnote) and Lemuria 89 (Footnote). Those civilizations
vanished beneath the tidal waves caused by a planetary
"polar shift", 90 (Footnote) many thousands of years before
the current "prison" population started to arrive.
Apparently, the IS-BEs from those star systems were the
source of the original, oriental races of Earth,
beginning in Australia.
On the other hand, the civilizations set up on Earth by
the "Old Empire" prison system were very different from
the civilization of the "Old Empire" itself, which is an
electronic space opera, atomic powered conglomeration of
earlier civilizations that were conquered with nuclear
weapons and colonized by IS-BEs from another galaxy.
The bureaucracy that controlled the former "Old Empire"
was from an ancient space opera society, run by a
totalitarian 91 (Footnote) confederation of planetary
governments, regulated by a brutal social, economic, and
political hierarchy, 92 (Footnote) with a royal monarch as its
figurehead. 93 (Footnote)
This type of government emerges with regularity on
planets where the citizens abandon personal
responsibility for autonomous, self-regulation. They
frequently lose their freedom to demented IS-BEs who
suffer from an overwhelming paranoia that every other
IS-BE is their enemy who must be controlled or
destroyed. Their closest friends and allies, whom they
espouse to love and cherish, are literally "loved to
death" by them.
Because such IS-BEs exist, The Domain has learned that
freedom must be won and maintained through eternal
vigilance and the ability to use defensive force to
maintain it. As a result, The Domain has already
conquered the governing planet of the "Old Empire". The
civilization of The Domain, although considerably
younger and smaller in size, is already more powerful,
better organized, and united by a egalitarian esprit de
corps 94 (Footnote) never known in the history of the "Old
The recently despoiled German totalitarian state on
Earth was similar to the "Old Empire", but not nearly as
brutal, and about ten thousand times less powerful.
Many of the IS-BEs on Earth are here because they are
violently opposed to totalitarian government, 95 (Footnote) or
because they were so psychotically vicious that they
could not be controlled by "Old Empire" government.
Consequently, the population of Earth is
disproportionately comprised of a very high percentage
of such beings. The conflicting cultural and ethical
moral codes of the IS-BEs on Earth is unusual in the
The Domain conquest of the central "Old Empire" planets
was fought with electronic cannon. 96 (Footnote) The citizens
of the planets forming the core of government for the
"Old Empire" are a filthy, degraded, slave society of
mindless, tax-paying workers, who practice cannibalism.
Violent automotive race tracks and bloody, Roman circus
type entertainments are their only amusements.
Regardless of any reasonable justification we may have
had for using atomic weapons to vanquish the planets of
the "Old Empire", The Domain is careful not to ruin the
resources of those planets by using weapons of crude,
radioactive force.
The current U.S. civilization is beginning to mimic some
of the trappings of that civilization, especially in the
design of airplanes, automobiles, ships, trains, and
telephones. Likewise, buildings in the cities of Earth
are thought to be "modern" or "futuristic" if their
design resembles the architecture of the "Old Empire".
The government of the "Old Empire", before being
supplanted by The Domain, was comprised of beings who
possessed a very craven intelligence, very much like the
Axis powers 97 (Footnote) during your recent world war. Those
beings manifested precisely the same behavior as the
galactic government that exiled them to eternal
imprisonment on Earth. They were a gruesome reminder of
the ageless maxim that an IS-BE will often manifest the
treatment they have received from others. Kindness
fosters kindness. Cruelty begets cruelty. One must be
able and willing to use force, tempered with
intelligence, to prevent harm to the innocent. However,
extraordinary understanding, self-discipline and courage
are required to effectively prevent brutality, without
being overwhelmed by the malice that motivated the
Only a demonic, self-serving government would employ a
"logic" or "science" to conceive that an "ultimate
solution" to any problem is to murder and permanently
erase the memory of every artist, genius, skilled
manager, and inventor, and cast them into a planetary
prison together with political opponents, killers,
thieves, perverts, and disabled beings of an entire
Once the IS-BEs expelled from the "Old Empire" arrived
on Earth, they were given amnesia, and hypnotically
tricked into thinking that something else had happened
to them. The next step was to implant the IS-BEs into
biological bodies on Earth. The bodies became the human
populations of "false civilizations" which were designed
and installed in the minds of IS-BEs to look completely
unlike the "Old Empire".
All of the IS-BEs of India, Egypt, Babylon, Greece,
Rome, and Medieval Europe were guided to pattern and
build the cultural elements of these societies based on
standard patterns developed by the IS-BEs of many
earlier, similar civilizations on "Sun Type 12, Class 7"
planets that have existed for trillions of years
throughout the universe.
In the earliest times the IS-BEs sent to prison Earth
lived in India. They gradually spread into Mesopotamia,
Egypt, Mesoamerica, Achaea, Greece, Rome, Medieval
Europe, and to the New World. They were hypnotically
"commanded" to follow the pattern of a given
civilization by the "Old Empire" prison operators. This
is an effective mechanism to disguise the actual time
and location from the IS-BEs imprisoned on Earth. The
languages, costumes and culture of each false
civilization are intended to reinforce amnesia because
they do not remind the IS-BEs on Earth of the original
"Old Empire" planets from which they were deported.
On the very far back-track of time these types of
civilizations tended to repeat themselves over and over
because the IS-BEs who created them become familiar with
certain patterns and styles, and stayed with them. It
is a lot of work to invent an entire civilization,
complete with culture, architecture, language, customs,
mathematics, moral values, and so forth. It is much
easier to replicate a copy based on a familiar and
successful pattern.
A "Sun Type 12, Class 7" planet is the designation given
to a planet inhabited by carbon-oxygen based life forms.
The class of the planet is based on the size and
radiation intensity of the star, the distance of the
planetary orbit from the star, and the size, density,
gravity, and chemical composition of the planet.
Likewise, flora and fauna are designated and identified
according to the star type and class of planet they
On the average, the percentage of planets in the
physical universe with a breathable atmosphere is
relatively small. Most planets do not have an
atmosphere upon which life-forms "feed", as on Earth,
where the chemical composition of the atmosphere
provides nutrition to plants, and other organisms, which
in turn support other life forms.
When the Domain Force brought the Vedic Hymns 98 (Footnote) to
the Himalayas region 8,200 years ago, some human
societies already existed. The Aryan people invaded and
conquered India 99 (Footnote) , bringing the Vedic Hymns 100
(Footnote) to the area.
The Vedas were learned by them, memorized and carried
forward verbally for 7,000 years before being committed
to written form. During that span of time one of the
officers of The Domain Expeditionary Force was
incarnated on Earth as "Vishnu" 101 (Footnote). He is
described many times in the Rig-Veda. He is still
considered to be a god by the Hindus. Vishnu fought in
the religious wars against the "Old Empire" forces. He
is a very able and aggressive IS-BE as well as a highly
effective officer, who has since been reassigned to
other duties in The Domain.
This entire episode was orchestrated as an attack and
revolt against the Egyptian pantheon installed by "Old
Empire" administrators. The conflict was intended to
help free humankind from implanted elements of the false
civilization that focused attention on many "gods" and
superstitious ritual worship demanded by the priests who
"managed" them. It is all part of the mental
manipulation by the "Old Empire" to hide their criminal
actions against the IS-BEs on Earth.
A priesthood, or prison guards, were used to help
reinforce the idea that an individual, is only a
biological body, and is not an Immortal Spiritual Being.
The individual has no identity. The individuals have no
past lives. 102 (Footnote) The individual has no power. Only
the gods have power. And, the gods are a contrivance of
the priests who intercede between men and the gods they
serve. Men are slaves to the dictates of the priests
who threaten eternal spiritual punishment if men do not
obey them.
What else would one expect on a prison planet where all
prisoners have amnesia, and the priests themselves are
prisoners? The intervention of The Domain Force on
Earth has not been entirely successful due to the secret
mind-control operation of the "Old Empire" that still
continues to operate.
A battle was waged between the "Old Empire" forces and
The Domain through religious conquest. Between 1500 BCE
and about 1200 BCE, The Domain Forces attempted to teach
the concept of an individual, Immortal Spiritual Being
to several influential beings on Earth.
One such instance resulted in a very tragic
misunderstanding, misinterpretation and misapplication
of the concept. The idea was perverted and applied to
mean that there is only one IS-BE, instead of the truth
that everyone is an IS-BE! Obviously, this was a gross
incomprehension and an utter unwillingness to take
responsibility for one's own power.
The "Old Empire" priests managed to corrupt the concept
of individual immortality into the idea that there is
only one, all-powerful IS-BE, and that no one else is or
is allowed to be an IS-BE. Obviously, this is the work
of the "Old Empire" amnesia operation.
It is easy to teach this altered notion to beings who do
not want to be responsible for their own lives. Slaves
are such beings. As long as one chooses to assign
responsibility for creation, existence and personal
accountability for one's own thoughts and actions to
others, one is a slave.
As a result, the concept of a single monotheistic "god"
resulted and was promoted by many self-proclaimed
prophets, such as the Jewish slave leader -- Moses --
103 (Footnote) who grew up in the household of the Pharaoh
Amenhotep III 104 (Footnote) and his son, Akhenaten 105 (Footnote)
and his wife Nefertiti, 106 (Footnote) as well as his son
Tutankhamen. 107 (Footnote)
The attempt to teach certain beings on Earth the truth
that they are, themselves, IS-BEs, was part of a plan to
overthrow the fictional, metaphorical, anthropomorphic
panoply of gods created by the "Old Empire" mystery cult
called "The Brothers of The Serpent" 108 (Footnote) known in
Egypt as the Priests of Amun. 109 (Footnote) They were a very
ancient, secret society within the "Old Empire".
The Pharaoh Akhenaten was not a very intelligent being,
and was heavily influenced by his personal ambition for
self-glorification. He altered the concept of the
individual spiritual being and embodied the concept in
the sun god, Aten. His pitiful existence was soon
ended. He was assassinated by Maya and Parennefer, two
of the Priests of Amun, or "Amen", which the Christians
still say, who represented the interests of the "Old
Empire" forces.
The idea of "One God" was perpetuated by the Hebrew
leader Moses 110 (Footnote) while he was in Egypt. He left
Egypt with his adopted people, the Jewish slaves. While
they were crossing the desert, Moses was intercepted by
an operative of the "Old Empire" near Mt. Sinai. Moses
was tricked into believing that this operative was "the"
One God through the use of hypnotic commands, as well as
technical and aesthetic tricks which are commonly used
by the "Old Empire" to trap IS-BEs. Thereafter, the
Jewish slaves, who trusted the word of Moses implicitly,
have worshiped a single god they call "Yaweh". 111 (Footnote).
The name "Yaweh" means "anonymous", as the IS-BE who
"worked with" Moses could not use an actual name or
anything that would identify himself, or blow the cover
of the amnesia / prison operation. The last thing the
covert amnesia / hypnosis / prison system wants to do is
to reveal themselves openly to the IS-BEs on Earth.
They feel that this would restore the inmates memories!
This is the reason that all traces of physical
encounters between operatives of space civilizations and
humans is very carefully hidden, disguised, covered-up,
denied or misdirected.
This "Old Empire" operative contacted Moses on a desert
mountain top and delivered the "Ten Hypnotic Commands"
to him. These commands are very forcefully worded, and
compel an IS-BE into utter subservience to the will of
the operator. These hypnotic commands are still in
effect and influence the thought patterns of millions of
IS-BEs thousands of years later!
Incidentally, we later discovered that the so-called
"Yaweh" also wrote, programmed and encoded the text of
the Torah, which when it is read literally, or in its
decoded, 112 (Footnote) form, will provide a great deal more
false information to those who read it.
Ultimately, the Vedic Hymns became the source of nearly
all of Eastern the religions and were the philosophical
source of the ideas common to Buddha 113 (Footnote), Laozi
114 (Footnote), Zoroaster 115 (Footnote), and other philosophers.
The civilizing influences of these philosophies
eventually replaced the brutal idolatry of the "Old
Empire" religions and were the true genesis of kindness
and compassion.
You asked me earlier why The Domain, and other space
civilizations do not land on Earth or make their
presence known. Land on Earth? Do you think we are
crazy or want to be crazy? It takes a very brave IS-BE
to come down through the atmosphere and land on Earth,
because this is a prison planet, with a very
uncontrolled, psychotic population. And, no IS-BE is
entirely proof against the risk of entrapment, as with
the members of The Domain Expeditionary Force who were
captured in the Himalayas 8,200 years ago.
No one knows what IS-BEs on Earth are going to do. We
are not scheduled to invest the resources of The Domain
to take total control of all the space surrounding the
area at this time. This will occur in the not-todistant
future -- about 5,000 Earth years -- according
to the time schedule of The Domain. At this time we do
not prevent transports from other planetary systems or
galaxies from continuing to drop IS-BEs into the amnesia
force screen area. Eventually, this will change.
In addition, Earth, inherently, is a highly unstable
planet. It is not suitable for settlement or permanent
habitation for any sustainable civilization. This is
part of the reason why it is being used as a prison
planet. No one else would seriously consider living
here for a variety of simple and compelling reasons:
1) The continental land masses of Earth are floating on
a sea of molten lava beneath the surface which causes
the land masses to crack, crumble and drift continually.
116 (Footnote)
2) Because of the liquid nature of the core, the planet
is largely volcanic and subject to earthquakes and
volcanic explosions.
3) The magnetic poles of the planet shift radically
about once every 20,000 years. 117 (Footnote) This causes a
greater or lesser degree of devastation as a result of
tidal waves, and climatic changes.
4) Earth is very distant from the center of the galaxy
and from any other significant galactic civilization.
This isolation makes it unsuitable for use, except as a
"pit stop" or jumping off point along the way between
galaxies. The moon and asteroids are far more suitable
for this purpose because they do not have any
significant gravity.
5) Earth is a heavy gravity planet, with heavy metallic
soil and a dense atmosphere. This makes it treacherous
for navigational purposes. That fact that I am in this
room, as the result of an in flight accident, in spite
of the technology of my craft and my extensive expertise
as a pilot, are proof of these facts.
6) There are approximately sixty billion Earth-like (Sun
Type 12, Class 7) planets in the Milky Way galaxy alone,
not to mention the vast expanses of The Domain, and the
territories we will claim in the future. It is
difficult to stretch our resources to do much more than
a periodic reconnaissance of Earth. Especially when
there are no immediate advantages to invest resources
7) On Earth most beings are not aware that they are ISBEs,
or that there are spirits of any kind. Many other
beings are aware of this, but nearly everyone has a very
limited understanding of themselves as an IS-BE.
One of the reasons for this is that IS-BEs have been
waging war against each other since the beginning of
time. The purpose of these wars have always been to
establish domination by one IS-BE or group of IS-BEs
over another. Since an IS-BE cannot be "killed", the
objective has been to capture and immobilize IS-BEs.
This has been done in an nearly unlimited variety of
ways. The most basic method to capture and immobilize
an IS-BE is through the use of various kinds of "traps".
IS-BE traps have been made and put in place by many
invading societies, such as the one that established the
"Old Empire", beginning about sixty-four trillion years
ago. Traps are often set up in the "territory" of the
IS-BEs being attacked. Usually a trap is set with the
electronic wave of "beauty" to attract the interest and
attention of the IS-BE. When the IS-BE moves toward the
source of the aesthetic wave, such as a beautiful
building or beautiful music, the trap is activated by
the energy put out by the IS-BE.
One of the most common trap mechanism uses the IS-BE's
own thought energy output when the IS-BE tries to attack
or fight back against the trap. The trap is activated
and energized by the IS-BE's own thought energy. The
harder the IS-BE fights against the trap, the more it
pulls the IBS toward it and keeps them "stuck" in the
Throughout the entire history of this physical universe,
vast areas of space have been taken over and colonized
by IS-BE societies who invade and take over new areas of
space in this fashion. In the past, these invasions
have always shared common elements:
1) the overwhelming use of force of arms, usually with
nuclear or electronic weapons.
2) mind control of the IS-BEs in the invaded area
through the use of electroshock, drugs, hypnosis,
erasure of memory and the implantation of false memory
or false information intended to subjugate and enslave
the local IS-BE population.
3) take over of natural resources by the invading ISBEs.
4) political, economic and social slavery of the local
These activities continue in present time. All of the
IS-BEs on Earth have been members of one or more of
these activities in the past, both as an invader, or as
part of the population being invaded. There are no
"saints" in this universe. Very few have avoided or
been exempted from warfare between IS-BEs.
IS-BEs on Earth are still the victims of this activity
at this very moment. The between-lives amnesia
administered to IS-BEs is one on the mechanisms of an
elaborate system of "Old Empire" IS-BE traps, that
prevent an IS-BE from escaping.
This operation is managed by an illicit, renegade secret
police 118 (Footnote) force of the "Old Empire", using false
provocation operations to disguise their activities
119 (Footnote) in order to prevent detection by their own
government, The Domain and by the victims of their
activities. They are mind-control methods developed by
government psychiatrists. 120 (Footnote)
Earth is a "ghetto" 121 (Footnote) planet. It is the result
of an intergalactic "Holocaust". 122 (Footnote) IS-BEs have
been sentenced to Earth either because:
1) They are too viciously insane or perverse to function
as part of any civilization, no matter how degraded or
2) Or, they are a revolutionary threat to the social,
economic and political caste system that has been so
carefully built and brutally enforced in the "Old
Empire". Biological bodies are specifically designed
and designated as the lowest order of entity in the "Old
Empire" caste system. When an IS-BE is sent to Earth,
and then tricked or coerced into operating in a
biological body, they are actually in a prison, inside a
3) In an effort to permanently and irreversibly rid the
"Old Empire" of such "untouchables", the eternal
identity, memory, and abilities of every IS-BE is
forcefully erased. This "final solution" 123 (Footnote) was
conceived and carried out by the psychopathic criminals
who are controlled by the "Old Empire".
The mass extermination of "untouchables" and prison
camps created by Germany during World War II were
recently revealed. Likewise, the IS-BEs of Earth are the
victims of spiritual eradication and eternal slavery
inside frail, biological bodies, inspired by the same
kind of craven hatred in the "Old Empire".
The kind and creative inmates of Earth are continuously
tortured by butchers and lunatics who are controlled by
the "Old Empire" prison operators. The so-called
"civilizations" of Earth, from the age of useless
pyramids to the age of nuclear holocaust, have been a
colossal waste of natural resources, a perverted use of
intelligence, and an overt oppression of the spiritual
essence of every single IS-BE on the planet.
If The Domain sent ships to every corner of the universe
in search of "Hell", their quest could end on Earth.
What greater brutality can be inflicted on anyone than
to erase the spiritual awareness, identity, ability,
and memory that is the essence of oneself?
The Domain has, as yet, been unable to rescue the 3,000
IS-BEs of the Expeditionary Force Battalion either.
They are forced to inhabit biological bodies on Earth.
We have been able to recognize and track most of them
for the past 8,000 years. However, our attempts to
communicate with them are usually futile, as they are
unable to remember their true identity.
The majority of lost members of The Domain force have
followed the general progression of Western civilization
from India, into the Middle East, then to Chaldea, and
Babylon, into Egypt, through Achaia, Greece, Rome, into
Europe, to the Western Hemisphere, and then all around
the world.
The members of the lost Battalion and many other IS-BEs
on Earth, could be valuable citizens of The Domain, not
including those who are vicious criminals or perverts.
Unfortunately, there has been no workable method
conceived to emancipate the IS-BEs from Earth.
Therefore, as a matter of common logic, as well as the
official policy of The Domain, it is safer and more
sensible to avoid contact with the IS-BE population of
Earth until such time as the proper resources can be
allocated to locate and destroy the "Old Empire" force
screen and amnesia machinery and develop a therapy to
restore the memory of an IS-BE."
Chapter Nine
A Time Line of Events
"For this interview I took written notes because Airl gave me a lot of dates and
names that I couldn't possibly remember without writing them down. I didn't usually
take notes, but during this lesson I thought it was important to get the information
exactly as she gave it to me. However, I discovered that my note taking made it
much more difficult for me to focus on receiving the communication from Airl. I
was sometimes so distracted by my own writing that I lost the train of her thought, so
I had to ask her to "repeat" herself several times.
Airl continued to stay in communication with the Communications Officer on the
asteroid belt space station, from which she received much of this information. Since
Airl was an officer / pilot / engineer of The Domain, and not a historian, she had to
get this information from records of reconnaissance missions conducted by other
officers of The Domain Expeditionary Force."
Official Transcript of the U.S. Army Air Force
Roswell Army Air Field, 509th Bomb Group
SUBJECT: ALIEN INTERVIEW, 27. 7. 1947, 1st Session
"The actual history of Earth is very bizarre. It is so
nonsensical that is it is incredible to anyone on Earth
who attempts to investigate it. A myriad of vital
information is missing from it. A huge conglomeration
of non sequitur relics and mythology has been arbitrarily
introduced into it. The volatile nature of the Earth
itself cyclically covers, drowns, mixes and shreds
physical evidence.
These factors, combined with amnesia and post-hypnotic
suggestions, false facades and covert manipulation make
a reconstruction of the factual origins and history of
Earth civilizations virtually indecipherable. Any
investigator, no matter how brilliant, is doomed to
wallow in a quagmire of inconclusive assumptions,
unworkable hypotheses, and perpetual mystery.
Since The Domain does not suffer these afflictions,
having the advantage of memory, longevity and an
exterior point of view, I will add some clarification to
your fragmentary knowledge of the history of Earth.
These are some of the dates and events that are not
mentioned in Earth history textbooks. These dates are
significant because they provide some information
concerning the influences of the "Old Empire" and of The
Domain on Earth.
Although I have attended several briefings by our
mission control personnel on the general background of
Earth within the past few hundred years, I will rely
principally on data gathered from records captured
after our invasion of the "Old Empire" planetary
headquarters. Since that time The Domain Expeditionary
Force has tracked the general progress of events on
As I mentioned, in some cases The Domain has chosen to
intervene in certain affairs on Earth in order to ensure
the success of our long term expansion plans. Although
The Domain has no interest in Earth, per se, or in the
population of IS-BEs on this planet, it does serve our
interests to ensure that the resources of Earth are not
destroyed or spoiled. To that end, certain officers of
The Domain have been sent to Earth on reconnaissance
missions from time to time to gather information.
However, the following dates and events have been
extrapolated from the accumulated information in the
data files of The Domain -- at least those that are
accessible to me through the space station
communications center.
208,000 BCE --
The establishment of the "Old Empire", whose
headquarters were located near one of the "tail stars"
in the Ursa Major (Big Dipper) Constellation 124 (Footnote) of
this galaxy. The "Old Empire" invasion force conquered
the area with nuclear weapons sometime earlier. After
the radioactivity 125 (Footnote) subsided and the clean-up and
restoration were completed, it received the immigration
of beings from another galaxy into this galaxy. Those
beings set up a society that kept going until about
10,000 years ago when it was superseded by The Domain.
Very recently Earth civilization has come to resemble
aspects of that civilization, now that it has fallen out
of its immediate control. In particular, the appearance
and technology of transportation such as planes, trains,
ships, fire engines, and automobiles, as well as what
you consider to be "modern" or "futuristic"
architecture, which emulate the design of buildings in
the major cities of the "Old Empire".
Before 75,000 BCE --
The Domain records contain very little information about
the civilizations on the continental land masses of
Atlanta 126 (Footnote) and Lemur 127 (Footnote), except to note that
they did coexist on Earth at more or less the same time.
Apparently, both civilizations were founded by remnants
of electronic, space opera cultures who fled from their
native planetary systems to escape political or
religious persecution.
The Domain knows that a long-standing edict of the "Old
Empire" prohibits unauthorized colonization of planets.
Therefore, it is possible that their destruction was
caused by police or military forces who pursued the
colonists as criminals and destroyed them. Although
this seems a likely supposition, no conclusive evidence
exists that explains the complete destruction and
disappearance of two entire electronic civilizations.
Another possibility is that a massive submarine volcanic
eruption in the region of Lake Toba, in Sumatra 128 (Footnote)
and Mt. Krakatoa 129 (Footnote) in Java caused the destruction
of Lemur. The flood waters caused by the eruption
overwhelmed all the land masses, including the highest
mountains. Survivors of the destruction of the
civilization, the Lemurians, are the earliest ancestors
of the Chinese. Australia and the ocean areas to the
north were the center of the Lemurian civilization and
are the source of Oriental races. Both civilizations
possessed electronics, flight and similar technologies
of space opera cultures.
Apparently, the volcanic eruption expelled such a
significant mass of molten rock that the resulting
vacuum beneath the crust of Earth caused great areas of
the land masses to sink below the oceans. The
continental areas occupied by both civilizations were
covered with volcanic matter, and then submerged,
leaving very little evidence that they ever existed
except for legends of a global flood which prevail in
every culture of the Earth, and for survivors who are
the genus of oriental races and cultures.
That kind of colossal volcanic explosion 130 (Footnote) fills
the stratosphere with toxic gases which are carried
around the whole planet. The usual refuse of these
volcanic eruptions can easily cause a rain that lasts
for "40 days and 40 nights" due to atmospheric pollution
as well as an extensive period during which radiation
from the sun is deflected back into space, and cause
global cooling. 131 (Footnote) Certainly such an event would
cause an ice age, extinctions of life forms and many
other relatively long-term changes lasting thousands of
Due to the myriad types of naturally occurring global
cataclysmic events which are indigenous to Earth, it is
not a suitable planet for habitation by IS-BEs. In
addition there have been occasional global cataclysms
caused by IS-BEs such as the one that destroyed the
dinosaurs 132 (Footnote) more than 70 million years ago. That
destruction was caused by intergalactic warfare during
which time Earth, and many other neighboring moons and
planets, were bombarded by atomic weapons. Atomic
explosions cause atmospheric fallout much like that of
volcanic eruptions. 133 (Footnote) Most of the planets in this
sector of the galaxy have been uninhabitable deserts
since then.
Earth is undesirable for many other reasons: heavy
gravity and dense atmosphere, floods, earthquakes,
volcanoes, polar shifts, continental drift, meteor
impacts, atmospheric and climatic changes, to name a
few. What kind of lasting civilization could any
sophisticated culture propose to develop in such an
In addition, Earth is a small planet of a "rim star" of
a galaxy. This makes Earth very isolated geographically
from the more concentrated planetary civilizations which
exist toward the center of the galaxy. These obvious
facts have made Earth suitable for use only as a
zoological or botanical garden, or for it's current use
as a prison -- but not much else.
Before 30,000 BCE --
Earth started being used a dumping ground and prison for
IS-BEs who were judged "untouchable", meaning criminal
or non-conformists. IS-BEs were captured, encapsulated
in electronic traps and transported to Earth from
various parts of the "Old Empire". Underground "amnesia
stations" were set up on Mars and on Earth in the
Rwenzori Mountains 134 (Footnote) in Africa, in the Pyrenees
Mountains 135 (Footnote) of Portugal, and in steppes of
Mongolia. 136 (Footnote)
These electronic monitoring points create force screens
designed to detect and capture IS-BEs, when the IS-BE
departs the body at death. IS-BEs are brainwashed using
extreme electronic force in order to maintain Earth's
population in state of perpetual amnesia. Further
population controls are installed through the use of
long range electronic thought control mechanisms.
These stations are still in operation and they are
extremely difficult to attack or destroy, even for The
Domain, which will not maintain a significant military
force in this area until a later date.
The pyramid civilizations were intentionally created as
part of the IS-BE prison system on Earth. The pyramid
is alleged to be the symbol for "wisdom". However, the
"wisdom" of the "Old Empire" on planet Earth is intended
to operate as part of the elaborate amnesia "trap"
consisting of MASS, MEANING and MYSTERY. These are
opposite to the qualities of an Immortal Spiritual Being
which have no mass, or meaning. An IS-BE "is" solely
because it thinks that it "is".
MASS represents the physical universe, including objects
such as stars, planets, gases, liquids, energy particles
and tea cups. The Pyramids were very, very solid
objects, as were all of the structures created by the
"Old Empire". Heavy, massive, dense, solid objects
create the illusion of eternity. Dead bodies wrapped in
linen, soaked in resin, placed inside engraved golden
coffins and entombed with Earthly possessions amid
cryptic symbols create an illusion of eternal life.
However, dense, heavy physical universe symbols are the
exact opposite of an IS-BE. An IS-BE has no mass or
time. Objects do not endure forever. An IS-BE "is"
MEANING: False meanings prevent knowledge of the truth.
The pyramid cultures of Earth are a fabricated illusion.
They are nothing more than "false civilizations"
contrived by the "Old Empire" mystery cult called the
Brothers of the Serpent. False meanings were invented
to create the illusion of a false society to further
reinforce the amnesia mechanism among the intimates in
the Earth prison system.
MYSTERY is built of lies and half-truths. Lies cause
persistence because they alter facts which are comprised
of exact dates, places and events. When truth is known,
a lie no longer persists. If the exact truth is
revealed, it is no longer a mystery.
All of the pyramid civilizations of Earth were carefully
contrived of layer upon layer of lies, skillfully
combined with a few truths. The priest cult of the "Old
Empire" combined sophisticated mathematics and space
opera technology, with theatrical metaphors and
symbolism. All of these are complete fabrications of
truth, baited with the allure of aesthetics and mystery.
The intricate rituals, astronomical alignments, secret
rites, massive monuments, marvelous architecture,
artistically rendered hieroglyphs and man-animal "gods"
were designed to create a unsolvable mystery for the ISBE
prison population on Earth. The mystery diverts
attention away from the truth that IS-BEs have been
captured, given amnesia and imprisoned on a planet far,
far away from their home.
The truth is that every single IS-BE on Earth came to
Earth from some other planetary system. Not one person
on Earth is a "native" inhabitant. Human beings did not
"evolve" on Earth.
In the past, Egyptian society was run by the prison
administrators or priests, who, in turn, manipulated a
Pharaoh, controlled the treasury and kept the inmate
population enslaved physically and spiritually. In
modern times, the priests have changed, but the function
is the same. However, now the priest are prisoners too.
Mystery reinforces the walls of the prison. The "Old
Empire" feared that the IS-BEs on Earth might regain
their memory. Therefore, one of the primary functions
of The "Old Empire" priesthood is to prevent IS-BEs on
Earth from remembering who they really are, how they
came to Earth, where they came from.
The "Old Empire" operators of the prison system, and
their superiors, do not want IS-BEs to remember who
murdered them, captured them, stole all of their
possessions, sent them to Earth, gave them amnesia and
condemned them to eternal imprisonment!
Imagine what might happen if all of the inmates in the
prison suddenly remembered that they have the right to
be free! What if they suddenly realized that they have
been falsely imprisoned and rise up as one against the
They are afraid to reveal anything that looks like the
civilization of the inmates home planets. A body, a
piece of clothing, a symbol, a space ship, an advanced
electronics device, or any other remnant of civilization
from a home planet could "remind" a being and rekindle
his memory.
Sophisticated technologies of entrapment and
enslavement, which were developed over millions of
years in the "Old Empire", have been applied to the ISBEs
on Earth with the intention to create a false facade
for the prison. These facades were installed on Earth
in totality, all at once. Every piece is a fully
integrated part of the prison system.
This includes a religion of mumbo-jumbo double-speak.
Every pyramid civilization uses this as part of a
control mechanism to keep the population enslaved by
force, by fear and by ignorance. The indecipherable
muddle of irrelevant information, geometric designs,
mathematical calculation, astronomical alignments, are
part of a false spirituality based on solid objects,
rather than immortal spirits, in order to confuse and
disorient the IS-BEs on Earth.
When the body of a person died they were buried with
their Earthly possessions, including their former body
wrapped in linen, to sustain their "soul" or "Ka" after
death. An IS-BE does not "have" as soul. An IS-BE is a
On the home planet of an IS-BE their material
possessions were not lost, stolen or forgotten when the
being died or left the body. An IS-BE could return and
claim the possessions. However, if the IS-BE has
amnesia, they will not remember that they had any
possession. So, governments, insurance companies,
bankers, family members and other vultures can pick
their possessions clean without fear of retribution from
the deceased. 137 (Footnote)
The only reason for these false meanings is to instill
the idea that an IS-BE is NOT a spirit, but a physical
object! This is a lie. It is a trap for an IS-BE.
Countless people have spent endless hours attempting to
solve the jig-saw puzzle of Egypt and other "Old Empire"
civilizations. They are puzzles made of pieces that do
not fit. A question states its own answer. What is the
mystery of Egypt and other pyramid cultures? Mystery!
circa 15,000 BCE --
The "Old Empire" forces supervised the construction of a
hydraulic mining operations in the Andes Mountains in
present day Bolivia near Lake Titicaca (Lake of Tin
Stones) at Tiahuanaco 138 (Footnote) including construction of
the massive stone complex of carved stone buildings
known as Kalasasaya and its "Gate of the Sun" at an
elevation of nearly 14,000 feet.
11,600 BCE --
The Polar Axis of Earth shifted 139 (Footnote) to a sea area.
The last Ice Age came to an end abruptly as the polar
ice caps melted and the level of the ocean rose to
submerge large sections of the land masses of Earth.
The last remaining vestiges of Atlantis and Lemuria were
covered by water. Massive extinctions of animals
occurred in the Americas, Australia and the Artic
Regions due to the shift of the poles.
10,450 BCE --
Plans were made by the "Old Empire" IS-BE called Thoth
for construction of a Great Pyramid of Giza. The 4 "air
shafts" of the pyramid point precisely to key stars in
the "Old Empire" as seen from Giza in this year. The
alignment of the Pyramids of Giza on the ground matches
perfectly the alignment of the constellation of Orion as
seen in the sky from Giza relative to the Nile as the
earthly representation of the Milky Way in the sky. 140
10,400 BCE --
According to the Earth historian, Herodotus, records
from the ruined civilization of Atlantis, containing
electronic technology and other technology of that
society, were buried in a vault beneath the paws of The
Sphinx. The Greek historian wrote that he was told this
by some of his friends who were Priests of Anu, the
Sumerian god, at the Egyptian city of Heliopolis.
However, it is highly unlikely that any traces of an
electronic civilization would be allowed to be left
intact on Earth by the "old empire" prison system
administrators. 141 (Footnote).
8,212 BCE --
The Veda or Vedic hymns are a set of religious hymns
that were introduced into the societies of Earth. They
came forward in spoken tradition, memorized, from
generation to generation. "The Hymn to the Dawn Child''
includes an idea called the "cycle of the physical
universe": the creation, growth, conservation, decay and
death or destruction of energy and matter in a space.
These cycles produce time. The same set of hymns
describes the "theory of evolution". Here is a
tremendous body of knowledge which contains a great deal
of spiritual truth. Unfortunately, it has been
incorrectly evaluated by humans and altered with lies
and reversals of fact by priests which are a booby trap
to prevent anyone from using the wisdom to discover a
way to escape from the prison planet.
8,050 BCE --
Destruction of the "Old Empire" home planet government
in this galaxy. This was the end of the "Old Empire" as
a political entity in the galaxy. However, the vast
size of the "Old Empire" will take many thousands of
years for The Domain to conquer completely. The inertia
of the political, economic and cultural systems of the
"Old Empire" will remain in place for some time to come.
However, remnants of the "Old Empire" space fleet in the
solar system of Earth were finally destroyed in 1,230
AD. In addition to operatives of the "Old Empire" who
run the Earth prison operation, there were other beings
from the "Old Empire" who came to Earth. Since Earth
was no longer under the control of the "Old Empire"
after their defeat by The Domain Forces, there was no
police force to control military renegades, space
pirates, miners, merchants and entrepreneurs who came to
Earth to exploit the resources of the planet for
personal gain, and many other nefarious reasons.
For example, the history of Earth, according to the
Jewish people, describes the "Nephilim". 142 (Footnote) Chapter
6 of The Book of Genesis, describes the origin of the
"Nephilim" :
"Now it came about, when men began to multiply on
the face of the land, and daughters were born to
them, that the "sons of God" saw that the daughters
of men were beautiful; and they took wives for
themselves, whomever they chose.
The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and
also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the
daughters of men, and they bore children to them.
Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of
The ancient Jewish people who wrote the history book
called the Old Testament were slaves, herders and
gatherers. Any modern technology, even a simple
flashlight, would seem astounding and miraculous to
them. They attributed any unexplainable phenomenon or
technology to the workings of a "god". Unfortunately,
this behavior is universal among all IS-BEs who have
been given amnesia, and cannot remember their own
experiences, training, technology, personality or
Obviously, if these were men, and they mated with Earth
women, they were not "sons of god". They were IS-BEs
who inhabited biological bodies in order to take
advantage of the political situation in the "Old
Empire", or simply to indulge in physical sensation.
They set up small colonies of their own on Earth beyond
the reach of the police and tax authorities.
Coincidentally, one of the most serious crimes an IS-BE
could commit in the "Old Empire" was to violate income
tax regulations. Income taxes were used as a slavery
mechanism and as a punishment in the "Old Empire". The
slightest error in a tax report made an IS-BE
"untouchable", followed by imprisonment on Earth.
6,750 BCE --
Other Pyramid civilizations were set up by the "Old
Empire" on Earth. These were established in Babylon,
Egypt, China and Mesoamerica. The Mesopotamian area
provided service facilities, communication stations,
space ports, and stone quarry operations for these false
Ptah was the name given to the first in a succession of
administrators from the "Old Empire" who represented
themselves to the Earth population as "divine" rulers.
Ptah's importance may be understood when one learns that
the word "Egypt" is a Greek corruption of the phrase
"Het-Ka-Ptah," or "House of the Spirit of Ptah". Ptah,
was nick-named "The Developer". He was a construction
engineer. His high priest was given the title 'Great
Leader of Craftsmen'.
Ptah was also the god of reincarnation in Egypt. He
originated the "opening of the mouth ceremony" which was
performed by priests at funerals to "release souls" from
their corpses. Of course, when the "souls" were
released, they were captured, given amnesia, and
returned to Earth again.
The so-called "Devine" rulers who followed Ptah on Earth
were called "Ntr", meaning "Guardians or Watchers" by
the Egyptians. Their symbol was the Serpent, or Dragon
which represented a secret priesthood of the "Old
Empire" called the "Brothers of the Serpent".
"Old Empire" engineers used cutting tools of highly
concentrated light waves to quickly carve and excavate
stone blocks. 143 (Footnote) They also used force fields and
space craft to lift and transport blocks of stone
weighing hundred or thousands of tons each. The
placement on the ground of some of these structures will
be found to have geodetic or astronomical significance
relative to various stars in this galactic region.
The buildings are crude and impractical, compared to
building standards on most planets. As an engineer of
The Domain, I can attest that make-shift structures like
these would never pass inspection on a planet in The
Domain. Stone blocks such as those used in the pyramid
civilizations can still be seen, partially excavated, in
the stone quarries in the Middle East 144 (Footnote) and
Most of the structures were hastily built "props", much
like the false facades of a western town on the set of a
motion picture. They appear to be real, and to have
some use or value however, they have no value. They have
no useful purpose. The pyramids and all of the other
stone monuments erected by the "Old Empire" could be
called "mystery monuments". For what reason would
anyone waste so many resources to construct so many
useless buildings? To create a mysterious illusion.
The fact of the matter is that each one of the "divine
rulers" were IS-BEs who served as operatives of the "Old
Empire". They were certainly not "divine", although
they were IS-BEs.
6248 BCE --
The beginning of active warfare between The Domain Space
Command and the surviving remnants of the "Old Empire"
space fleet in this solar system that lasted nearly
7,500 years. It began when an installation was
established in the Himalaya mountains by a battalion of
the 3,000 officers and crew members of The Domain
Expeditionary Force. The installation was not fortified
as The Domain was not aware that the "Old Empire"
maintained Earth as a prison planet.
The Domain installation was attacked and destroyed by
space forces of the "Old Empire" who continued to
operate in the solar system of Earth. IS-BEs of The
Domain battalion were captured, taken to Mars, given
amnesia, and sent back to Earth to inhabit human
biological bodies. They are still on Earth.
5,965 BCE --
Investigations into the disappearance of Domain forces
in this solar system led to the discovery of "Old
Empire" bases on Mars and elsewhere. The Domain took
over the planet Venus 145 (Footnote) as a defensive position
against the space forces of the "Old Empire". The
Domain Expeditionary Force also monitors life forms on
Venus which has a very dense, hot and heavy atmosphere
of sulfuric acid clouds. There are a few life forms on
Earth that can endure an atmospheric environment like
Venus. 146 (Footnote)
The Domain also established secret installations or
space stations in the Earth solar system. This solar
system has a planet that is broken up -- the asteroid
belt. 147 (Footnote) It provides a very useful low-gravity
platform for take off and landing of space craft. It is
used as a "galactic jump" between the Milky Way and
adjoining galaxies. There aren't any planets at this end
of the galaxy that can serve as a good galactic entering
spot for incoming transport, and other ships. But this
broken up planet makes a very ideal space station. As a
result of our war against the "Old Empire", this area of
the solar system is now a valuable possession of The
3,450 - 3,100 BCE --
The intervention into the affairs on Earth by the "Old
Empire" operatives or "divine gods" was disrupted at
this time by The Domain Forces. They were forced to
replace themselves with human rulers. The First Dynasty
of human Pharaohs who united Upper and Lower Egypt began
with the rule of a Pharaoh who, coincidentally, was
named "MEN". He established the capital city called
Men-Nefer, "The Beauty of Men" in Egypt. This started
the first succession of 10 human Pharaohs and a period
of 350 years of chaos that followed in the
administrative ranks of the "Old Empire".
3,200 BCE --
As I mentioned earlier, Earth was under attack between
The Domain and the "Old Empire" forces during this
period. Of course this does not make any sense to
archaeologists or historians on Earth, because the
Egyptian period is a space opera era period. Since
Earth historians have amnesia, they assume that this was
only a religious period.
Further, because the technology and civilizations
installed on Earth during this period were "prepackaged",
they did not "evolve" on Earth. Of course,
there is no evidence anywhere on Earth of an
evolutionary transition which resulted in sophisticated
mathematics, language, writing, religion, architecture,
cultural traditions in Egypt or any of the pyramid
civilizations. These cultures, complete with all of the
details of racial body types, hair-styles, facial makeup,
rituals, moral codes and so forth, just "appeared"
as complete integrated packages.
The physical evidence suggests that all evidence of the
intervention of The Domain or "Old Empire" Forces, or
any other extraterrestrial activity, has been carefully
"cleaned up", so as not to create suspicion. The "Old
Empire" force does not want the IS-BEs of Earth to
suspect that they have been captured, transplanted to
Earth and brainwashed.
So, Earth historians continue to assume that Egyptian
priests were not supposed to have "ray guns" or other
technology of the "Old Empire". And, they suppose that
there was nothing going on, on Earth, except some
priests walking around saying 'Amen', which the
Christians still say.
3,172 BCE --
Layout of the astronomical grid that joins the key
mining sites and astronomical buildings of 'the gods' in
the Andes Mountains such as Tiahuanaco, 148 (Footnote) Cuzco,
Quito, the cities of Ollantaytambu, 149 (Footnote) Machupiccu 150
(Footnote) and Pachacamac 151 (Footnote) for the mining of rare
metals, including tin for use in making bronze. Metals
were the property of "the gods", of course.
A great variety of entrepreneurial mining was done on
Earth at that time due to the war between the "Old
Empire" force and The Domain. These miners did carve a
few sculptures of themselves. They are seen wearing
mining helmets. The Ponce stela sculpture in the sunken
courtyard of the Kalasasaya temple is a crude rendering
of a stone worker using an electronic, light-wave
emitting stone cutter and carving tools, held in a
holster. 152 (Footnote)
The "Old Empire" has also maintained mining operations
on planets throughout the galaxy for a very long time.
The mineral resources of Earth are now a property of The
2,450 BCE --
The "great" pyramid 153 (Footnote) and complex of pyramids
near Cairo were completed. An inscription created by
the "Old Empire" administrators can be seen in the socalled
Pyramid texts. 154 (Footnote) The texts say that the
pyramid was built under the direction of Thoth, Son of
Ptah. Of course there was never a King buried in the
chamber, since the pyramids were never intended to be
used as a burial chamber.
The great pyramid was located precisely at the exact
center of all of the land masses of Earth, 155 (Footnote) as
viewed from space. Obviously such precise measurements
require aerial perspective and a view of the land masses
of Earth from space. Purely mathematical calculations
of the geodetic center of the continents of Earth could
not be made otherwise.
Shafts were constructed inside the pyramid to align with
the configuration of stars in the constellation of
Orion, Canus Majora, and specifically Sirius. The
shafts are also aligned to the Big Dipper, where the
home planet of the "Old Empire" existed. Also, Ainitak,
Alpha Draconis and Beta Ursa Minor. 156 (Footnote) These stars
are each one of the key systems in the "Old Empire" from
which IS-BEs were brought to Earth and dumped, as
unwanted merchandise.
The configuration of all the pyramids of the Giza
Plateau was intended to create a "mirror image", on
Earth of the solar system and certain constellations
within the "Old Empire".
2,181 BCE --
MIN, became the God of Fertility of Egypt. The IS-BE,
also known as Pan, was also a Greek god. Min or Pan,
was an IS-BE who somehow managed to escape from the "Old
Empire" amnesia system. 157 (Footnote)
2,160 - 2040 BCE --
One of the results of the intensifying battle between
The Domain Forces and the "Old Empire" forces was that
the control of the "divine rulers", was broken at this
time. They finally left Egypt and returned to the
"heavens", so to speak, in defeat. Human beings took
over the ruling role as Pharaohs. The first human
pharaoh moved the Capital city of Egypt from Memphis to
Heracleopolis. 158 (Footnote)
1,500 BCE --
This is the date for the destruction of Atlantis given
by the Egyptian high-priests, Psenophis of Heliopolis,
and Sonchis of Sais, to the Greek sage Solon. 159 (Footnote)
The Priests of Anu recorded that the Mediterranean area
was invaded by "Atlantean" people about this time. Of
course, these people were not from the ancient continent
of Atlanta, in the Atlantic Ocean, which existed more
than 70,000 years earlier.
These were refugees from the Minoan civilization on
Crete escaping from the volcanic eruption and tidal
waves of Mt. Thera that destroyed their civilization.
Plato's references to Atlantis were borrowed from the
writings of the Greek philosopher Solon, who was given
the information by the Egyptian priest who called
Atlantis "Kepchu", which also happens to be the Egyptian
name for the people of Crete. Some of the survivors of
the Minoan volcanic disaster asked Egypt for help, since
they were the only other civilization with high culture
in the Mediterranean area at the time. 160 (Footnote)
1351 BCE - 1337 BCE --
The Domain Expeditionary Force actively waged a war of
religious conquest against the Egyptian mystery cult
called the Priest of Amun, also known as the "Old
Empire" Brothers of The Serpent. During this time the
Pharaoh Akhenaten abolished the priesthood of Amun, and
moved the capital of Egypt from Thebes to the new
location at Amarna, at the exact geodetic center of
Egypt 161 (Footnote). However, this plot to overthrow the "Old
Empire" religious control was quickly spoiled.
1,193 BCE --
In the Near East and Achaea, the Greeks and Trojans
fought for supremacy, which ended in the destruction of
Troy as the finale of the Trojan War. 162 (Footnote) During
this same time, war was being fought out in the space of
the solar system between two forces for control of the
"space stations" surrounding Earth. That period of 300
years was a very violent resistance to The Domain Forces
by the remnants of the "Old Empire" forces. It did not
last long however, as it is futile to resist The Domain.
850 BCE --
Homer, the blind Greek poet, 163 (Footnote) wrote the stories
'the gods' as borrowed and modified from earlier sources
in Vedic texts, Sumerian texts, Babylonian and Egyptian
mythology. His poems, as well as many other "myths" of
the ancient world are very accurate descriptions of the
exploits of IS-BE's on Earth who were able to avoid the
"Old Empire amnesia operation and operate without
biological bodies.
700 BCE --
The Vedic Hymns were first translated in the Greek
language. This was the beginning of a cultural
revolution in Western civilization that transformed
crude and brutal tribal cultures into democratic
republics based on more reasonable conduct.
638 - 559 BCE --
Solon, a wise man from Greece, reported the existence of
Atlantis. This was information he received from the
"Old Empire" high-priests, Psenophis of Heliopolis and
Sonchis of Sais, with whom he studied in Egypt. 164 (Footnote)
630 BCE --
Zoroaster 165 (Footnote) created religious practices in Persia
around an IS-BE called Ahura Mazda. 166 (Footnote) This was yet
another of the growing number of "monotheistic" gods put
in place by operatives of The Domain to displace a
panoply of "Old Empire" gods.
604 BCE --
Laozi, a philosopher who wrote a small book called "The
Way", 167 (Footnote) was an IS-BE of great wisdom, who
overcame the effects of the "Old Empire" amnesia /
hypnosis machinery and escaped from Earth. His
understanding of the nature of an IS-BE must have been
very good to accomplish this.
According to the common legend, his last lifetime as a
human was lived in a small village in China. He
contemplated the essence of his own life. Like Guatama
Siddhartha, he confronted his own thoughts, and past
lives. In so doing, he recovered some of his own
memory, ability and immortality.
As an old man, he decided to leave the village and go to
the forest to depart the body. The village gatekeeper
stopped him and begged him to write down his personal
philosophy before leaving. Here is a small piece of
advice he gave about "the way" he rediscovered his own
"He who looks will not see it;
He who listens will not hear it;
He who gropes will not grasp it.
The formless nonentity, the motionless source of motion.
The infinite essence of the spirit is the source of
Spirit is self.
Walls form and support a room,
yet the space between them is most important.
A pot is formed of clay,
yet the space formed therein is most useful.
Action is caused by the force of nothing on something,
just as the nothing of spirit is the source of all form.
One suffers great afflictions because one has a body.
Without a body what afflictions could one suffer?
When one cares more for the body than for his own
One becomes the body and looses the way of the spirit.
The self, the spirit, creates illusion.
The delusion of Man is that reality is not an illusion.
One who creates illusions and makes them more real than
reality, follows the path of the spirit and finds the
way of heaven".
593 BCE --
The Genesis story written by the Jewish people describe
"angels" or "sons of god" mating with women of Earth,
who bore them children. These were probably renegades
from the "Old Empire". They may also have been space
pirates or merchants from a system outside the galaxy
who came to steal mineral resources, or smuggle drugs.
The Domain has observed that there are many visitors to
Earth from neighboring planets and galaxies, but they
rarely stop and live here. What kind of beings would
live on a prison planet if they were not forced to do
The same book also reports the story of a human named
Ezekiel who witnessed a spacecraft or aircraft landing
near Chebar River in Chaldea. His description of the
craft uses very archaic language, technically, but is
nevertheless, quite an accurate description of an "Old
Empire" saucer or scout craft. It is similar to the
sighting of "vimanas" by the people in the foothills of
the Himalayas.
Their Genesis story also mentions that "Yahweh" designed
biological bodies to live for 120 years on Earth.
Biological bodies on most "Sun Type 12, Class 7" planets
are usually engineered to last for an average of about
150 years. Human bodies on Earth last only about one
half as long. We suspect this is because the prison
administrators have altered the biological material of
human bodies on Earth to die more frequently so that the
IS-BEs who inhabit them will recycle through the amnesia
mechanism more frequently. 168 (Footnote)
It should be noted that much of the "Old Testament" was
written during the captivity of the Jews who were
enslaved in Babylon, which was very heavily controlled
by priests of the "Old Empire". The book introduces a
false sense of time and a false concept of the origin of
the creation.
The serpent is the symbol of the "Old Empire". It
appears in the beginning of their creation story, or as
the Greeks say, "Genesis", and causes the spiritual
destruction of the first human beings, who are
metaphorically represented by Adam and Eve.
The Old Testament, clearly influenced by the "Old
Empire" Forces, gives a detailed description of the ISBEs
being induced into biological bodies on Earth. This
book also describes many of the "Old Empire"
brainwashing activities, including the installation of
false memories, lies, superstitions, commands to
"forget" and all manner of tricks and traps designed to
keep IS-BEs on Earth. Most importantly, it destroys the
awareness that humans are Immortal Spiritual Beings.
580 BCE --
The Oracle at Delphi was one temple in a network of many
oracle temples. Each temple was a communication center.
The "Old Empire" priests designated a local "god" for
each temple. Each of the temples in this network were
located at precisely 5 degrees of latitude intervals
from the capital city of Thebes throughout the
Mediterranean area as far north as the Baltic Sea.
The shrines served, among other things, as a grid,
housing electronic beacons, later called "Omphalus
Stones". 169 (Footnote) The grid arrangement of Oracle sites
can only be seen from miles above the Earth. The
original network of electronic communications beacons
were disabled when the priesthood was dispersed, and
were replaced by carved stones.
The symbol of the "Old Empire" priesthood is a Python,
dragon or serpent. It was called the "earth-dragon" at
Delphi, which is always represented in sculpture and
vase-paintings as a serpent.
In Greek mythology the guardian of the Omphalus Stone at
the temple at Delphi was an oracle whose name was
Python, the serpent. 170 (Footnote) She was an IS-BE, who was
conquered by a "god" named Apollo. He buried her under
the Omphalos stone. This is a case of one "god" setting
up his temple on the grave of another. This is a very
accurate euphemism for The Domain Force that detected
and disabled the "Old Empire" temple network on Earth.
It was one of the fatal blows to the "Old Empire" Force
in the solar system of Earth.
559 BCE --
The Commanding Officer of The Domain Battalion who was
lost in 5,965 BCE was detected and located by a search
party sent to Earth from The Domain Expeditionary Force.
He was incarnated as Cyrus II of Persia during this
time. 171 (Footnote)
A unique system of organization was used by Cyrus II 172
(Footnote) and the members of that Battalion who followed
him from India through his progression of human lives on
Earth. In part, it enabled them to build the largest
empire in the history of the Earth to that date.
The Domain Search Party who located him traveled around
the Earth searching for the lost Battalion for several
thousand years. The party consisted of 900 officers of
The Domain, divided into teams of 300 each. One team
searched the land, another team search the oceans and
the third team searched the space surrounding Earth.
There are many reports made in various human
civilizations concerning their activities, which humans
did not understand, of course.
The Domain Search Party devised a wide variety of
electronic detection devices needed to track the
electronic signature or wavelength of each of the
missing members of the Battalion. Some were used in
space, others on land, and special devices were invented
to detect IS-BEs under water.
One of these electronic detection devices is referred to
as a "tree of life". 173 (Footnote) The device is literally a
tool designed to detect the presence of life, which is
an IS-BE. This was a large electronic screen generator
designed to permeate wide areas. To the ancient humans
on Earth it resembled a sort of tree, since is consists
of an interwoven lattice of electronic field generators
and receivers. The electronic field detects the
presence of IS-BEs, whether the IS-BE is occupying a
body, or if they are outside a body.
A portable version of this detection device was carried
by each of the members of The Domain Search Party.
Stone carvings in Sumeria show winged beings using
pinecone-shaped instruments to scan the bodies of human
beings. They are also shown carrying the power unit for
the scanner which are depicted as stylized baskets or
water buckets, being carried by eagle-headed, winged
beings. 174 (Footnote)
Members of the aerial unit of The Domain Search Party,
led by Ahura Mazda, were often called "winged gods" in
human interpretations. Throughout the Persian
civilization there are a great many stone relief carving
that depict winged space craft, that they called a
"faravahar". 175 (Footnote)
Members of the Aquatic Unit of The Domain Search Party
were called "Oannes" by local humans. 176 (Footnote) Stone
carvings of the so-called Oannes are shown wearing
silver diving suits. They lived in the sea and appeared
to the human population to be men dressed to look like
fish. Some members of the lost Battalion were found in
the oceans inhabiting the bodies of dolphins or whales. 177
On land, The Domain Search Party members were referred
to as "Annunaki" 178 (Footnote) by the Sumerians, and
"Nephilim", in the Bible. Of course, their true mission
and activities were never disclosed to homo sapiens.
Their activities have been purposefully disguised.
Therefore, the human stories and legends about the
Annunaki, and the other members of The Domain Search
Party have not been understood and were badly
In the absence of complete and accurate data, anyone
observing a phenomenon will assume or hypothesize
explanations in an attempt to make sense of the data.
Therefore, although mythology and history may be based
on factual events, they are likewise full of
misunderstood and misinterpreted evaluations of the
data, and embellished with assumptions, theories and
hypotheses which are false.
The space unit of The Domain Expeditionary Force are
shown flying in a "Winged-Disc". 179 (Footnote) This is an
allusion to the spiritual power of the IS-BEs, as well
as to the space craft used by The Domain Search Party.
The Commander of the lost Battalion, as Cyrus II, was an
IS-BE who was regarded as a messiah on Earth by both the
Jews, and the Muslims. In less than 50 years he
established a highly ethical, and humanitarian
philosophy which pervaded all of Western Civilization.
180 (Footnote)
His territorial conquests, organization of people and
monumental building projects were unprecedented before
or since. Such sweeping accomplishments in a short
period of time could only have been achieved by a leader
and a team of trained officers, pilots, engineers and
crew members of a unit of The Domain, acting as a team,
who had been trained and worked together for thousands
of years.
Although we have discovered the location of many of the
IS-BEs in the lost Battalion, The Domain has been unable
to restore their memory and return them to active duty
as yet.
Of course we cannot transport IS-BEs who are inhabiting
biological bodies to the space stations of The Domain
since there is no oxygen in our space craft. Also we do
not maintain life support facilities for biological
entities there. Our only hope has been to locate and
rekindle the awareness, memory and identity of the ISBEs
of the Lost Battalion. One day they will be capable
of rejoining us.
200 BCE --
The last remnant of the "Old Empire" pyramid
civilization is at "Teotihuacán" 181 (Footnote). The Aztec
name means “place of the gods” or “where men were
transformed into gods”. Like the astronomical
configuration of the Giza pyramids in Egypt, the entire
complex is a precise scale-model of the solar system
that accurately reflects the orbital distances of the
inner planets, the asteroid belt, Jupiter, Saturn,
Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Since the planet Uranus had
only been "discovered" with modern Earth telescopes in
1787, and Pluto not until 1930, it is apparent that the
builders had information from "other sources".
A common element of the Pyramid Civilizations around the
Earth is the constant use of the image of the snake,
dragon, or serpent. This is because the beings who
planted these civilizations here want to create an
illusion that the "gods" are reptilian. This is also a
part of an illusion designed to perpetuate amnesia. The
beings who placed false civilizations on Earth are ISBEs,
just like you. Many of the biological bodies
inhabited by IS-BEs in the "Old Empire" are very similar
in appearance to the bodies on Earth. The "gods" are
not reptiles, although they often behave like snakes.
1,034 - 1,124 AD --
The entire Arab world was enslaved by one man: Hasan
ibn-al-Sabbah 182 (Footnote) , the Old Man of the Mountain. He
established the Hashshashin who operated a part of
Mohammedanism which controlled by terror and fear much
of India, Asia Minor and most of the Mediterranean
Basin. They became a priesthood that used an extremely
effective mind-control mechanism and extortion tool that
enabled the "Assassins" to control the civilized world
for several hundred years.
Their method was simple. Young men were kidnapped and
knocked unconscious with hashish. They were taken to a
garden filled with beautiful black-eyed houris in a
harem decorated with rivers of milk and honey. The
young men were told that they were in paradise. They
were promised they could return and live there forever
if they sacrificed themselves as an assassin of whomever
they were commanded to kill. The men were knocked out
again, and shoved out into the world to carry out the
assassination mission.
Meanwhile, the Old Man of the Mountain sent a messenger
to the caliph or, whatever wealthy ruler from whom they
demanded payment, demanding camel-loads of gold, spices,
incense or other valuables. If payment did not arrive
on time, the assassin would be sent to kill the
offending party. There was virtually no defense against
the unknown assailant who wanted nothing more than to
carry out his mission, be killed and return to "heaven".
This is a very crude example of how simple and effective
a brainwashing and mind-control operation can be when it
is used skillfully, and forcefully. It is a small scale
demonstration of how the amnesia mind-control operation
is used against the entire IS-BE population of Earth by
the "Old Empire".
1119 AD --
The Knights Templar 183 (Footnote) was established as a
Christian military unit after the First Crusade but
quickly transformed into the basis for the international
banking system to accumulate money to conduct the agenda
of operatives for vestiges of the "Old Empire" on Earth.
1135 - 1230 AD --
The Domain Expeditionary Force completed the
annihilation of the remaining remnants of the "Old
Empire" space fleet operating in the solar system around
Earth. Unfortunately, their long established thought
control operation remains largely intact.
1307 AD --
The Knights Templar was disbanded by King Philip IV of
France, who was deeply in debt to the Order. 184 (Footnote) He
pressured Pope Clement V to condemn the Order's members,
have them arrested, tortured them into giving false
confessions, and burned them at the stake in an effort
to erase his debt by seizing all of their wealth.
A majority of the Templars fled to Switzerland where
they established an international banking system 185
(Footnote) which secretly controls the economy of Earth.
"Old Empire" operatives act as an unseen influence on
international bankers. 186 (Footnote) The banks are operated
covertly as a on-combatant provocateur to covertly
promote and finance weapons and warfare between the
nations of Earth. Warfare is an internal mechanism of
control over the inmate population. 187 (Footnote)
The purpose of the senseless genocide and carnage of
wars financed by these international banks is to prevent
the IS-BEs of Earth from sharing open communication,
cooperate together in activities that might enable ISBEs
to prosper, become enlightened, and escape their
Chapter Ten
A Lesson In Biology
"My debrief was also tape recorded as a back up and to add clarification to the
stenographic notes. I debriefed immediately after my interview so that everything
that was said was still fresh in my mind.
When I recounted these stories to the gallery stenographer I was still reeling a bit.
The perspective on Earth history from the point of view of The Domain is very
strange, to say the least. I wasn't sure if my uncomfortable feeling came from being
dis-oriented, or if it came from being re-oriented. Either way, I felt unsteady and
confused. Yet, at the same time, there was a ring of truth to it. I was elated and
incredulous at the same time!
The stenographer looked askance at me more than a few times as she recorded the
"history lesson" I passed on to her. I'm sure she thought I was losing my mind!
Maybe she was right. However, if my mind had been filled with hypnotic
suggestions and false memories by the "Old Empire", as Airl suggested, perhaps
losing my mind would be a good idea!
I didn't have much time to ponder my own, personal thoughts about these things at
the time. It was my duty to get all of the information I could from Airl and pass it on
to the stenographer as soon as Airl was finished. My job was not to analyze the
information, just report it as accurately as possible. The analysis would be left to the
men in the gallery, or whomever else was receiving copies of the transcripts.
I also delivered a list of books and materials requested by Airl to the agent in the
gallery room so these could be gathered and delivered to Airl. Each night after I left
Airl, she spent the rest of the night reading or "scanning" the materials which had
been delivered to her. The members of the gallery each received a transcript of the
stenographic dictation to study, each looking for information that was of interest to
them. In the morning after breakfast I reported back to the interview room to
continue my interviews or "lessons" with Airl."
Official Transcript of the U.S. Army Air Force
Roswell Army Air Field, 509th Bomb Group
SUBJECT: ALIEN INTERVIEW, 28. 7. 1947, 1st Session
"The origins of this universe and life on Earth, as
discussed in the textbooks I have read, are very
inaccurate. Since you serve your government as a
medical personnel, your duties require that you
understand biological entities. So, I am sure that you
will appreciate the value of the material I will share
with you today.
The text of books I have been given on subjects related
to the function of life forms contain information that
is based on false memories, inaccurate observation,
missing data, unproven theories, and superstition.
For example, just a few hundred years ago your
physicians practiced bloodletting 188 (Footnote) as a means to
release supposed ill-humors from the body in an attempt
to relieve or heal a wide variety of physical and mental
afflictions. Although this has been corrected somewhat,
many barbarisms are still being practiced in the name of
medical science.
In addition to the application of incorrect theories
concerning biological engineering, many primary errors
that Earth scientists make are the result of an
ignorance of the nature and relative importance of ISBEs
as the source of energy and intelligence which
animate every life form.
Although it is not a priority of The Domain to intervene
in the affairs of Earth, The Domain Communications
Office has authorized me to provide you with some
information in an effort to provide a more accurate and
complete understanding of these things and thereby
enable you to discover more effective solutions to the
unique problems you face on Earth.
The correct information about the origins of biological
entities has been erased from your mind, as well as from
the minds of your mentors. In order to help you regain
your own memory, I will share with you some factual
material concerning the origin of biological entities.
I asked Airl if she was referring to the subject of
evolution. Airl said, "No, not exactly".
You will find "evolution" mentioned in the ancient Vedic
Hymns. 189 (Footnote) The Vedic texts are like folk tales or
common wisdoms and superstitions gathered throughout the
systems of The Domain. These were compiled into verses,
like a book of rhymes. For every statement of truth,
the verses contain as many half-truths, reversals of
truth and fanciful imaginings, blended without
qualification or distinction.
The theory of evolution assumes that the motivational
source of energy that animates every life form does not
exist. It assumes that an inanimate object or a
chemical concoction can suddenly become "alive" or
animate accidentally or spontaneously. Or, perhaps an
electrical discharge into a pool of chemical ooze will
magically spawn a self-animated entity.
There is no evidence whatsoever that this is true,
simply because it is not true. Dr. Frankenstein did not
really resurrect the dead into a marauding monster,
except in the imagination of the IS-BE who wrote a
fictitious story one dark and stormy night. 190 (Footnote)
No Western scientist ever stopped to consider who, what,
where, when or how this animation happens. Complete
ignorance, denial or unawareness of the spirit as the
source of life force required to animate inanimate
objects or cellular tissue is the sole cause of failures
in Western medicine.
In addition, evolution does not occur accidentally. It
requires a great deal of technology which must be
manipulated under the careful supervision of IS-BEs.
Very simple examples are seen in the modification of
farm animals or in the breeding of dogs. However, the
notion that human biological organisms evolved naturally
from earlier ape-like forms is incorrect. No physical
evidence will ever be uncovered to substantiate the
notion that modern humanoid bodies evolved on this
The reason is simple: the idea that human bodies evolved
spontaneously from the primordial ooze of chemical
interactivity in the dim mists of time is nothing more
than a hypnotic lie instilled by the amnesia operation
to prevent your recollection of the true origins of
Mankind. Factually, humanoid bodies have existed in
various forms throughout the universe for trillions of
This was compounded by the fact that The Vedic Hymns
were brought to Earth 8,200 years ago by The Domain
Expeditionary Force. While they were based in the
Himalaya Mountains, the verses were taught to some of
the local humans who memorized them. However, I should
note that this was not an authorized activity for the
crew of The Domain installation, although I am sure it
seemed like an innocent diversion for them at the time.
The verses were passed along verbally from one
generation to the next for thousands of years in the
foothills and eventually spread throughout India. No
one in The Domain credits any of the material in the
Vedic Hymns as factual material, any more than you would
use "Grimm's Fairy Tales" 191 (Footnote) as a guide for
rearing children. However, on a planet where all of the
IS-BEs have had their memory erased, one can understand
how these tales and fantasies could be taken seriously.
Unfortunately, the humans who learned the Vedic verses
passed them along to others saying that they came from
"the gods". Eventually, the content of the verses were
adopted verbatim as "truth". The euphemistic and
metaphorical content of the Veda were accepted and
practiced as dogmatic fact. The philosophy of the
verses were ignored and the verses became the genesis of
nearly every religion practice on the planet, especially
Hinduism. 192 (Footnote)
As an officer, pilot and engineer of The Domain, I must
always assume a very pragmatic point of view. I could
not be effective or accomplish my missions if I were to
use philosophical dogma or rhetoric as my operations
manual. Therefore, our discussion of history is based
on actual events that occurred long before any IS-BEs
arrived on Earth, and long before the "Old Empire” came
into power. I can relate part of this history from
personal experience:
Many billions of years ago I was a member of a very
large biological laboratory in a galaxy far from this
one. It was called the "Arcadia Regeneration Company".
193 (Footnote) I was a biological engineer working with a
large staff of technicians. It was our business to
manufacture and supply new life forms to uninhabited
planets. There were millions of star systems with
millions of inhabitable planets in the region at that
There were many other biological laboratory companies at
that time also. Each of them specialized in producing
different kinds of life forms, depending on the "class"
of the planet being populated. Over a long span of time
these laboratories developed a vast catalogue of species
throughout the galaxies. The majority of basic genetic
material is common to all species of life. 194 (Footnote)
Therefore, most of their work was concerned with
manipulating alterations of the basic genetic pattern to
produce variations of life forms that would be suitable
inhabitants for various planetary classes.
The "Arcadia Regeneration Company" specialized in
mammals for forested areas and birds for tropical
regions. Our marketing staff negotiated contracts with
various planetary governments and independent buyers
from all over the universe. The technicians created
animals that were compatible with the variations in
climate, atmospheric and terrestrial density and
chemical content. In addition we were paid to integrate
our specimens with biological organisms engineered by
other companies already living on a planet.
In order to do this our staff was in communication with
other companies who created life forms. There were
industry trade shows, publications and a variety of
other information supplied through an association that
coordinated related projects.
As you can imagine, our research required a great deal
of interstellar travel to conduct planetary surveys.
This is when I learned my skills as a pilot. The data
gathered was accumulated in huge computer databases and
evaluated by biological engineers. 195 (Footnote)
A computer is an electronic device that serves as an
artificial "brain" or complex calculating machine. It
is capable of storing information, making computations,
solving problems and performing mechanical functions.
In most of the galactic systems of the universe, very
large computers are commonly used to run the routine
administration, mechanical services and maintenance
activities of an entire planet or planetary system.
Based on the survey data gathered, designs and artistic
renderings were made for new creatures. Some designs
were sold to the highest bidder. Other life forms were
created to meet the customized requests of our clients.
The design and technical specifications were passed
along an assembly line through a series of cellular,
chemical, and mechanical engineers to solve the various
problems. It was their job to integrate all of the
component factors into a workable, functional and
aesthetic finished product.
Prototypes of these creatures were then produced and
tested in artificially created environments.
Imperfections were worked out, modifications made and
eventually the new life form was "endowed" or "animated"
with a life force or spiritual energy before being
introduced into the actual planetary environment for
final testing.
After a new life form was introduced, we monitored the
interaction of these biological organisms with the
planetary environment and with other indigenous
life-forms. Conflicts resulting from the interaction
between incompatible organisms were resolved through
negotiation between ourselves and other companies. The
negotiations usually resulted in compromises requiring
further modification to our creatures or to theirs or
both. This is part of a science or art you call
"Eugenics". 196 (Footnote)
In some cases changes were made in the planetary
environment, but not often, as planet building is much
more complex than making changes to an individual life
Coincidentally, a friend and engineer with whom I used
to work with at the Arcadia Regeneration Company -- a
long time after I left the company -- told me that one
of the projects they contracted to do, in more recent
times, was to deliver life forms to Earth to replenish
them after a war in this region of the galaxy devastated
most of the life on the planets in this region of space.
This would have been about seventy million years ago.
The skill required to modify the planet into an
ecologically interactive environment that will support
billions of diverse species was an immense undertaking.
Specialized consultants from nearly every biotechnology
company in the galaxy were brought in to help with the
What you see now on Earth is the huge variety of life
forms left behind. Your scientists believe that the
fallacious "theory of evolution" is an explanation for
the existence of all the life forms here. The truth is
that all life forms on this and any other planet in this
universe were created by companies like ours.
How else can you explain the millions of completely
divergent and unrelated species of life on the land and
in the oceans of this planet? How else can you explain
the source of spiritual animation which defines every
living creature? To say it is the work of "god", is far
too broad. Every IS-BE has many names and faces in many
times and places. Every IS-BE is a god. When they
inhabit a physical object they are the source of Life.
For example, there are millions of species 197 (Footnote) of
insects. About 350,000 of these are species of beetles.
198 (Footnote) There may be as many as 100 million species of
life forms on Earth at any given time. In addition,
there are many times more extinct species of life on
Earth than there are living life forms. Some of these
will be rediscovered in the fossil or geological records
of Earth.
The current "theory of evolution" of life forms on Earth
does not consider the phenomena of biological diversity.
Evolution by natural selection is science fiction. One
species does not accidentally, or randomly evolve to
become another species, as the Earth textbooks indicate,
without manipulation of genetic material by an IS-BE. 199
A simple example of IS-BE intervention is the selective
breeding of a species 200 (Footnote) on Earth. Within the past
few hundred years several hundred dog breeds and
hundreds of varieties of pigeons and dozens of Koi fish
have been "evolved" in just a few years, beginning with
only one original breed. Without active intervention by
IS-BEs, biological organisms rarely change.
The development of an animal like the 'duck-billed
platypus' required a lot of very clever engineering to
combine the body of a beaver with the bill of a duck and
make a mammal that lays eggs. Undoubtedly, some wealthy
client placed a "special order" for it as a gift or
curious amusement. I am sure the laboratory of some
biotechnical company worked on it for years to make it a
self-replicating life form!
The notion that the creation of any life form could have
resulted from a coincidental chemical interaction
moldering up from some primordial ooze is beyond
absurdity! Factually, some organisms on Earth, such as
Proteobacteria, 201 (Footnote) are modifications of a Phylum 202
(Footnote) designed primarily for "Star Type 3, Class C"
planets. In other words, The Domain designation for a
planet with an anaerobic atmosphere nearest a large,
intensely hot blue star, 203 (Footnote) such as those in the
constellation of Orion's Belt in this galaxy.
Creating life forms is very complex, highly technical
work for IS-BEs who specialize in this field. Genetic
anomalies are very baffling to Earth biologists who have
had their memory erased. Unfortunately, the false
memory implantations of the "Old Empire" prevent Earth
scientists from observing obvious anomalies.
The greatest technical challenge of biological organisms
was the invention of self-regeneration, or sexual
reproduction. It was invented as the solution to the
problem of having to continually manufacture replacement
creatures for those that had been destroyed and eaten by
other creatures. Planetary governments did not want to
keep buying replacement animals.
The idea was contrived trillions of years ago as a
result of a conference held to resolve arguments between
the disputing vested interests within the biotechnology
industry. The infamous "Council of Yuhmi-Krum" was
responsible for coordinating creature production.
204 (Footnote)
A compromise was reached, after certain members of the
Council were strategically bribed or murdered, to author
an agreement which resulted in the biological phenomenon
which we now call the "food chain".
The idea that a creature would need to consume the body
of another life form as an energy source was offered as
a solution by one of the biggest companies in the
biological engineering business. They specialized in
creating insects and flowering plants.
The connection between the two is obvious. Nearly every
flowering plant requires a symbiotic relationship with
an insect in order to propagate. The reason is obvious:
both the bugs and the flowers were created by the same
company. Unfortunately, this same company also had a
division which created parasites and bacteria.
The name of the company roughly translated into English
would be "Bugs & Blossoms" . They wanted to justify the
fact that the only valid purpose of the parasitic
creatures they manufactured was to aid the decomposition
of organic material. There was a very limited market
for such creatures at that time.
In order to expand their business they hired a big
public relations firm and a powerful group of political
lobbyists to glorify the idea that life forms should
feed from other life forms. They invented a "scientific
theory" to use as a promotion gimmick. The theory was
that all creatures needed to have "food" as a source of
energy. Before that, none of the life forms being
manufactured required any external energy. Animals did
not eat other animals for food, but consumed sunlight,
minerals or vegetable matter only.
Of course, "Bugs & Blossoms" went into the business of
designing and manufacturing carnivores. Before long, so
many animals were being eaten as food that the problem
of replenishing them became very difficult. As a
'solution', "Bugs & Blossoms" proposed, with the help of
some strategically placed bribes in high places, that
other companies begin using 'sexual reproduction' as the
basis for replenishing life-forms. "Bugs & Blossoms"
was the first company to develop blueprints for sexual
reproduction, of course.
As expected, the patent licenses for the biological
engineering process 205 (Footnote) required to implant
stimulus-response mating, cellular division and preprogrammed
growth patterns for self-regenerating animals
were owned by "Bugs & Blossoms" too.
Through the next few million years laws were passed that
required that these programs be purchased by the other
biological technology companies. These were required to
be imprinted into the cellular design of all existing
life-forms. It became a very expensive undertaking for
other biotechnology companies to make such an awkward,
and impractical idea work.
This led to the corruption and downfall of the entire
industry. Ultimately, the 'food and sex' idea
completely ruined the bio-technology industry, including
"Bugs & Blossoms". The entire industry faded away as
the market for manufactured life forms disappeared.
Consequently, when a species became extinct, there is no
way to replace them because the technology of creating
new life forms has been lost. Obviously, none of this
technology was ever known on Earth, and probably never
will be.
There are still computer files on some planets far from
here which record the procedures for biological
engineering. Possibly the laboratories and computers
still exist somewhere. However, there is no one around
doing anything with them. Therefore, you can understand
why it is so important for The Domain to protect the
dwindling number of creatures left on Earth.
The core concept behind 'sexual reproduction' technology
was the invention of a chemical/electronic interaction
called "cyclical stimulus-response generators". 206 (Footnote)
This is an programmed genetic mechanism which causes a
seemingly spontaneous, recurring impulse to reproduce.
The same technique was later adapted and applied to
biological flesh bodies, including Homo Sapiens.
Another important mechanism used in the reproductive
process, especially with Homo Sapiens type bodies, is
the implantation of a "chemical-electrical trigger"
mechanism 207 (Footnote) in the body. The "trigger" which
attracts IS-BEs to inhabit a human body, or any kind of
"flesh body", is the use of an artificially imprinted
electronic wave which uses "aesthetic pain" to attract
the IS-BE.
Every trap in the universe, including those used to
capture IS-BEs who remain free, is "baited" with an
aesthetic electronic wave. The sensations caused by the
aesthetic wavelength are more attractive to an IS-BE
than any other sensation. When the electronic waves of
pain and beauty are combined together, this causes the
IS-BE to get "stuck" in the body.
The "reproductive trigger" used for lesser life forms,
such as cattle and other mammals, is triggered by
chemicals emitted from the scent glands, combined with
reproductive chemical-electrical impulses stimulated by
testosterone, or estrogen. 208 (Footnote)
These are also interactive with nutrition levels which
cause the life form to reproduce more when deprived of
food sources. Starvation promoted reproductive activity
as a means of perpetuating survival through future
regenerations, when the current organism fails to
survive. These fundamental principles have been applied
throughout all species of life.
The debilitating impact and addiction to the "sexual
aesthetic-pain" electronic wave 209 (Footnote) is the reason
that the ruling class of The Domain do not inhabit flesh
bodies. This is also why officers of The Domain Forces
only use doll bodies. This wave has proven to be the
most effective trapping device ever created in the
history of the universe, as far as I know.
The civilizations of The Domain and the "Old Empire"
both depend on this device to "recruit" and maintain a
work force of IS-BEs who inhabit flesh bodies on planets
and installations. These IS-BEs are the "working class"
beings who do all of the slavish, manual, undesirable
work on planets.
As I mentioned, there is a very highly regimented and
fixed hierarchy or "class system" for all IS-BEs
throughout the "Old Empire", and The Domain, as follows:
The highest class are "free" IS-BEs. That is, they are
not restricted to the use of any type of body and may
come and go at will, provided that they do not destroy
or interfere with the social, economic or political
Below this class are many strata of "limited" IS-BEs who
may or may not use a body from time to time.
Limitations are imposed on each IS-BE regarding range of
power, ability and mobility they can exercise.
Below these are the "doll body" classes, to which I
belong. Nearly all space officers and crew members of
space craft are required to travel through intergalactic
space. Therefore, they are each equipped with a body
manufactured from light weight, durable materials.
Various body types have been designed to facilitate
specialized functions. Some bodies have accessories,
such as interchangeable tools or apparatus for
activities such as maintenance, mining, chemical
management, navigation, and so forth. There are many
gradations of this body type which also serve as an
"insignia" of rank.
Below these are the soldier class. The soldiers are
equipped with a myriad of weapons, and specialized
armaments designed to detect, combat and overwhelm any
imaginable foe. Some soldiers are issued mechanical
bodies. Most soldiers are merely remote controlled
robots with no class designation.
The lower classes are limited to "flesh bodies". Of
course, it is not possible for these to travel through
space for obvious reasons. Fundamentally, flesh bodies
are far too fragile to endure the stresses of gravity,
temperature extremes, radiation exposure, atmospheric
chemicals and the vacuum of space. There are also the
obvious logistical inconveniences of food, defecation,
sleep, atmospheric elements, and air pressure required
by flesh bodies, that doll bodies do not require.
Most flesh bodies will suffocate in only a few minutes
without a specific combination of atmospheric chemicals.
After 2 or 3 days the bacteria which live internally and
externally on the body cause severe odors to be emitted.
Odors of any kind are not acceptable in a space vessel.
Flesh can tolerate only a very limited spectrum of
temperatures, whereas in space the contrast of
temperatures may vary hundreds of degrees within
seconds. Of course flesh bodies are utterly useless for
military duty. A single shot from a hand-held,
electronic blast gun instantly turns a flesh body into a
noxious vapor cloud.
IS-BEs who inhabit flesh bodies have lost much of their
native ability and power. Although it is theoretically
possible to regain or rehabilitate these abilities, no
practical means has been discovered or authorized by The
Even though space craft of The Domain travel trillions
of "light years" in a single day, 210 (Footnote) the time
required to traverse the space between galaxies is
significant, not to mention the length of time to
complete just one set of mission orders, which may
require thousands of years. Biological flesh bodies
live for only a very short time -- only 60 to 150 years,
at most -- whereas doll bodies can be re-used and
repaired almost indefinitely.
The first development of biological bodies began in this
universe about seventy-four trillion years ago. It
rapidly became a fad for IS-BEs to create and inhabit
various types of bodies for an assortment of nefarious
reasons: especially for amusement, this is to
experience various physical sensations vicariously
through the body.
Since that time there has been a continuing "deevolution"
in the relationship of IS-BEs to bodies. As
IS-BEs continued to play around with these bodies,
certain tricks were introduced to cause IS-BEs to get
trapped inside a body so they were unable to leave
This was done primarily by making bodies that appeared
sturdy, but were actually very fragile. An IS-BE, using
their natural power to create energy, accidentally
injured a body when contacting it. The IS-BE was
remorseful about having injured this fragile body. The
next time they encountered a body they began to be
"careful" with them. In so doing, the IS-BE would
withdraw or minimize their own power so as not to injure
the body. A very long and treacherous history of this
kind of trickery, combined with similar misadventures
eventually resulted in a large number of IS-BEs becoming
permanently trapped in bodies.
Of course this became a profitable enterprise for some
IS-BEs who took advantage of this situation to make
slaves of others. The resulting enslavement progressed
over trillions of years, and continues today.
Ultimately the dwindling ability of IS-BEs to maintain a
personal state of operational freedom and ability to
create energy resulted in the vast and carefully guarded
hierarchy or class system. Using bodies as a symbol of
each class is used throughout the "Old Empire", as well
as The Domain.
The vast majority of IS-BEs throughout the galaxies of
this universe inhabit some form of flesh body. The
structure, appearance, operation and habitat of these
bodies vary according to the gravity, atmosphere, and
climatic conditions of the planet they inhabit. Body
types are predetermined largely by the type and size of
the star around which the planet revolves, the distance
from the star, the geological, as well as the
atmospheric components of the planet.
On the average, these stars and planets fall into
gradients of classification which are fairly standard
throughout the universe. For example, Earth is
identified, roughly, as a "Sun Type 12, Class 7 planet".
That is a heavy gravity, nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere
planet, 211 (Footnote) with biological life-forms, in
proximity to a single, yellow, medium-size, lowradiation
sun or "Type 12 star". The proper
designations are difficult to translate accurately due
to the extreme limitations of astronomical nomenclature
in the English language.
There are as many varieties of life forms as there are
grains of sands on the beach. You can imagine how many
different creatures and types of bodies have been
manufactured by the millions of companies such as "Bugs
& Blossoms" for all of the myriad planetary systems
during the course of seventy-four trillion years!"
"When Airl finished telling me this "story", there was a long, silent pause while I
muddled through all this in my mind. Had Airl been reading science fiction books
and fantasy stories during the night? Why would she tell me something so incredibly
far-fetched? If there had not been a 40 inch tall alien, with gray "skin", and three
fingers on each hand and foot sitting directly across from me, I would not have
believed a single word of it!
In retrospect, over the 60 years since Airl gave me this information, Earth doctors
have begun to develop some of the biological engineering technology that Airl told
me about right here on Earth. Heart bypasses, cloning, test tube babies, organ
transplants, plastic surgery, genes, chromosomes, and so forth.
One thing is very sure: I have never looked at a bug or flower the same way since
then, not to mention my religious belief in Genesis."
Chapter Eleven
A Lesson In Science
"The transcript of this interview is verbatim. There is nothing more I can add to
it. It says everything".
Official Transcript of the U.S. Army Air Force
Roswell Army Air Field, 509th Bomb Group
SUBJECT: ALIEN INTERVIEW, 29. 7. 1947, 1st Session
"Today Airl told me about some very technical things. I
took a few notes to remind myself, so I can repeat what
she said as closely as possible. She began with an
analogy about scientific knowledge:
Can you imagine how much progress could have been made
on Earth if people like Johannes Gutenberg 212 (Footnote), Sir
Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington
Carver, 213 (Footnote) Nicola Tesla, Jonas Salk, 214 (Footnote) and
Richard Trevithick,215 (Footnote) and many thousands of
similar geniuses and inventors were living today?
Image what technical accomplishments might have been
developed if men like these never died? What if they
were never given amnesia and made to forget everything
they knew? What if they continued to learn and work
What level of technology and civilization could be
attained if Immortal Spiritual Beings like these were
allowed to continue to create -- in the same place and
at the same time -- for billions or trillions of years?
Essentially, The Domain is one civilization that has
existed for trillions of years with relatively
uninterrupted progress. Knowledge has been accumulated,
refined, and improved upon in nearly every field of
study imaginable -- and beyond imagining.
Originally, the interaction of IS-BE illusions or
inventions created the very fabric of the physical
universe -- the microcosm and the macrocosm. Every
single particle of the universe has been imagined and
brought into existence by an IS-BE. Everything created
from an idea -- a thought with no weight or size or
location in space.
Every speck of dust in space, from the size of the
tiniest subatomic particle, to the size of a sun or a
magelantic cloud the size of many galaxies, was created
from the nothingness of a thought. Even the tiniest,
individual cells were contrived and coordinated to
enable a microbial entity to sense, and navigate through
infinitesimally small spaces. These also came from an
idea thought up by an IS-BE.
You, and every IS-BE on Earth, have participated in the
creation of this universe. Even though you are now
confined to a fragile body made of flesh; you live for
only 65 short rotations of your planet around a star;
you have been given overwhelming electric shock
treatments to wipe out your memory; you must learn
everything all over again each lifetime; in spite of all
these circumstances, you are who you are and will always
be. And, deep down, you still know that your are and
what you know. You are still the essence of you.
How else can one understand the child prodigy? An IS-BE
who plays concertos on a piano at three years of age,
without formal training? Impossible, if they did not
simply remember what they have already learned from
thousands of lives spent in front of a keyboard in times
untold, or on planets far away. They may not know how
they know. They just know.
Humankind has developed more technology in the past 100
years than in the previous 2,000 years. Why? The
answer is simple: the influence of the "Old Empire"
over the mind and over the affairs of Mankind has been
diminished by The Domain.
A renaissance 216 (Footnote) of invention on Earth began in
1,250 AD with the destruction of the "Old Empire" space
fleet in the solar system. During the next 500 years,
Earth may have the potential to regain autonomy and
independence, but only to the degree that humankind can
apply the concentrated genius of the IS-BEs on Earth to
solve the amnesia problem.
However, on a cautionary note, the inventive potential
of the IS-BEs who have been exiled to this planet is
severely compromised by the criminal elements of the
Earth population. Specifically, politicians, warmongers
and irresponsible physicists who create
unlimited weapons such as nuclear bombs, chemicals,
diseases and social chaos. These have the potential to
extinguish all life forms on Earth, forever.
Even the relatively small explosions that were tested
and used in the past two years on Earth have the
potential to destroy all of life, if deployed in
sufficient quantities. Larger weapons could consume all
of the oxygen in the global atmosphere in a single
explosion! 217 (Footnote)
Therefore, the most fundamental problems that must be
solved in order to ensure that Earth will not be
destroyed by technology, are social and humanitarian
problems. The greatest scientific minds of Earth, in
spite of mathematical or mechanical genius, have never
addressed these problems.
Therefore, do not look to scientists to save Earth or
the future of humanity. Any so-called "science" that is
solely based on the paradigm 218 (Footnote) that existence is
composed only of energy and objects moving through space
is not a science. Such beings utterly ignore the
creative spark originated by an individual IS-BE and
collective work of the IS-BEs who continually create the
physical universe and all universes. Every science will
remain relatively ineffective or destructive to the
degree that it omits or devaluates the relative
importance of the spiritual spark that ignites all of
creation and life.
Unfortunately this ignorance has been very carefully and
forcefully instilled in human beings by the "Old Empire"
to ensure that IS-BEs on this planet will not be able to
recover their innate ability to create space, energy,
matter and time, or any other component part of
universes. As long as awareness of the immortal,
powerful, spiritual "self" is ignored, humanity will
remain imprisoned until the day of its own, selfdestruction
and oblivion.
Do not rely on the dogma of physical sciences to master
the fundamental forces of creation any more than you
would trust the chanted incantations of an incenseburning
shaman. The net result of both of these is
entrapment and oblivion. Scientists pretend to observe,
but they only suppose that they see, and call it fact.
Like the blind man, a scientist can not learn to see
until he realizes that he is blind. The "facts" of
Earth science do not include the source of creation.
They include only the result, or byproducts of creation.
The "facts" of science to not include any memory of the
nearly infinite past experience of existence.
The essence of creation and existence cannot be found
through the lens of a microscope or telescope or by any
other measurement of the physical universe. One cannot
comprehend the perfume of a flower or the pain felt by
an abandoned lover with meters and calipers.
Everything you will ever know about the creative force
and ability of a god can be found within you -- an
Immortal Spiritual Being.
How can a blind man teach others to see the nearly
infinite gradients that comprise the spectrum of light?
The notion that one can understand the universe without
understanding the nature of an IS-BE is as absurd as
conceiving that an artist is a speck of paint on his own
canvas. Or, that the lace on a ballet shoe is the
choreographer's vision, or the grace of a dancer, or the
electric excitement of opening night.
Study of the spirit has been booby-trapped by the
thought control operation through religious
superstitions they instill in the minds of men.
Conversely, the study of the spirit and the mind have
been prohibited by science which eliminates anything
that is not measurable in the physical universe.
Science is the religion of matter. It worships matter.
The paradigm of science is that creation is all, and the
creator is nothing. Religion says the creator is all,
and the creation is nothing. These two extremes are the
bars of a prison cell. They prevent observation of all
phenomenon as an interactive whole.
Study of creation without knowing the IS-BE, the source
of creation, is futile. When you sail to the edge of a
universe conceived by science, you fall off the end into
an abyss of dark, dispassionate space and lifeless,
unrelenting force. On Earth, you have been convinced
that the oceans of the mind and spirit are filled with
gruesome, ghoulish monsters that will eat you alive if
you dare to venture beyond the breakwater of
The vested interest of the "Old Empire" prison system is
to prevent you from looking at your own soul. They fear
that you will see in your own memory the slave masters
who keep you imprisoned. The prison is made of shadows
in your mind. The shadows are made of lies, and pain,
and loss, and fear.
The true geniuses of civilization are those IS-BEs who
will enable other IS-BEs to recover their memory and
regain self-realization and self-determination. This
issue is not solved through enforcing moral regulation
on behavior, or through the control of beings through
mystery, faith, drugs, guns or any other dogma of a
slave society. And certainly not through the use of
electric shock and hypnotic commands!
The survival of Earth and every being on it depends on
the ability to recover the memory of skills you have
accrued through the trillenia; to recover the essence
of yourself. Such an art, science, or technology has
never been conceived in the "Old Empire". Otherwise,
they would not have resorted to the "solution" that
brought you to your current condition on Earth.
Neither has such technology ever been developed by The
Domain. Until recently, the necessity of rehabilitating
an IS-BE with amnesia has not been needed. Therefore,
no one has ever worked on solving this problem. So far,
unfortunately, The Domain has no solution to offer.
A few officers of The Domain Expeditionary Force have
taken it upon themselves to provide technology to Earth
during their off duty time. These officers leave their
"doll" at the space station and, as an IS-BE, assume or
take over a biological body on Earth. In some cases an
officer can remain on duty while they inhabit and
control other bodies at the same time.
This is a very dangerous and adventurous undertaking.
It requires a very able IS-BE to accomplish such a
mission, and return to base successfully. One officer
who did this recently, while continuing to attend to his
official duties, was known on Earth as the electronics
inventor, Nicola Tesla. 219 (Footnote)
It is my intention, although is not a part of my mission
orders, to assist you in your efforts to advance
scientific and humanitarian progress on Earth. My
intention is to help other IS-BEs to help themselves. In
order to solve the amnesia problem on Earth you will
need much more advanced technology, as well as social
stability to allow enough time for research and
development of techniques to free the IS-BE from the
body, and to free the mind of the IS-BE from amnesia.
Although The Domain has a long term interest in
maintaining Earth as a useful planet, it has no
particular interest in the human population of Earth,
other than its own personnel here. We are interested in
preventing destruction, as well as accelerating the
development of technologies that will sustain the
infrastructures of the global biosphere, hydrosphere and
To this end, you will discover, on very careful and
thorough examination, that my space craft contains a
wide assortment of technology that does not yet exist on
Earth. If you distribute pieces of this craft to
various scientists for study, they will be able to
reverse engineer 220 (Footnote) some of the technology to the
extent that Earth has the raw materials required to
replicate these components.
Some features will be indecipherable. Other features
cannot be duplicated as Earth does not have the natural
resources required to replicate them. This is
especially true of the metals used to construct the
craft. Not only do these metals not exist on Earth, the
refining process required to produce these metals took
billions of years to develop.
It is also true of the navigation system which requires
an IS-BE whose own personal wavelength has been
specifically attuned to the "neural network" of the
craft. 221 (Footnote) The pilot of the craft must possess a
very high order of energy volition, discipline, training
and intelligence to manipulate such a craft. IS-BEs on
Earth are incapable of this expertise because it
requires the use of an artificial body specifically
created for this purpose.
Certain individual Earth scientists, some of whom are
among the most brilliant minds in the history of the
universe, will have their memory of this technology
jogged when they examine the craft components. Just as
some of the scientists and physicists on Earth have been
able to "remember" how to recreate electric generators,
internal combustion and steam locomotion, refrigeration,
aircraft, antibiotics, and other tools of your
civilization, they will also rediscover other vital
technology in my craft.
The following are the specific systems embodied in my
craft that contain useful components:
1) There is an assortment of microscopic wiring or
fibers 222 (Footnote) within the walls of the craft that
control such things as communications, information
storage, computer function, and automatic navigation.
2) The same wiring is used for light, sub-light and
ultra-light spectrum detection and vision. 223 (Footnote)
3) The fabrics of the interior of the craft 224 (Footnote) are
far superior to any on Earth at this time and have
hundreds or thousands of applications.
4) You will also find mechanisms for creating,
amplifying and channeling light particles or waves as a
form of energy. 225 (Footnote)
As an officer, pilot and engineer of The Domain Forces,
I am not at liberty to discuss or convey the detailed
operation or construction of the craft in any way, other
than what I have just disclosed. However, I am
confident that there are many competent engineers on
Earth who will develop useful technology with these
I am providing these details to you in the hope that the
greater good of The Domain will be served."
Chapter Twelve
A Lesson In Immortality
"I think the following transcript is pretty much self-explanatory."
Official Transcript of the U.S. Army Air Force
Roswell Army Air Field, 509th Bomb Group
SUBJECT: ALIEN INTERVIEW, 30. 7. 1947, 1st Session
Immortal Spiritual Beings, which I refer to as "IS-BEs",
for the sake of convenience, are the source and creators
of illusions. Each one, individually and collectively,
in their original, unfettered state of being, are an
eternal, all-powerful, all-knowing entity.
IS-BEs create space by imagining a location. The
intervening distance between themselves and the imagined
location is what we call space. An IS-BE can perceive
the space and objects created by other IS-BEs.
IS-BEs are not physical universe entities. They are a
source of energy and illusion. IS-BEs are not located
in space or time, but can create space, place particles
in space, create energy, and shape particles into
various forms, cause the motion of forms, and animate
forms. Any form that is animated by an IS-BE is called
An IS-BE can decide to agree that they are located in
space or time, and that they, themselves, are an object,
or any other manner of illusion created by themselves or
another or other IS-BEs.
The disadvantage of creating an illusion is that an
illusion must be continually created. If not
continually created, it disappears. Continual creation
of an illusion requires incessant attention to every
detail of the illusion in order to sustain it.
A common denominator of IS-BEs seems to be the desire to
avoid boredom. A spirit only, without interaction with
other IS-BEs, and the unpredictable motion, drama, and
unanticipated intentions and illusions being created by
other IS-BEs, is easily bored.
What if you could imagine anything, perceive everything,
and cause anything to happen, at will? What if you
couldn't do anything else? What if you always knew the
outcome of every game and the answer to every question?
Would you get bored?
The entire back time track of IS-BEs is immeasurable,
nearly infinite in terms of physical universe time.
There is no measurable "beginning" or "end" for an ISBE.
They simply exist in an everlasting now.
Another common denominator of IS-BEs is that admiration
of one's own illusions by others is very desirable. If
the desired admiration is not forthcoming, the IS-BE
will keep creating the illusion in an attempt to get
admiration. One could say that the entire physical
universe is made of unadmired illusions.
The origins of this universe began with the creation of
individual, illusionary spaces. These were the "home"
of the IS-BE. Sometimes a universe is a collaborative
creation of illusions by two or more IS-BEs. A
proliferation of IS-BEs, and the universes they create,
sometimes collide or become commingled or merge to an
extent that many IS-BEs shared in the co-creation of a
IS-BEs diminish their ability in order to have a game to
play. IS-BEs think that any game is better than no
game. They will endure pain, suffering, stupidity,
privation, and all manner of unnecessary and undesirable
conditions, just to play a game. Pretending that one
does not know all, see all and cause all, is a way to
create the conditions necessary for playing a game:
unknowns, freedoms, barriers and/or opponents and goals.
Ultimately, playing a game solves the problem of
In this fashion, all of the space, galaxies, suns,
planets, and physical phenomena of this universe,
including life forms, places, and events that have been
created by IS-BEs and sustained by mutual agreement that
these things exist.
There are as many universes as there are IS-BEs to
imagine, build and perceive them, each existing
concurrently within its own continuum. 226 (Footnote) Each
universe is created using its own, unique set of rules,
as imagined, altered, preserved or destroyed by one or
more IS-BEs who created it. Time, energy, objects and
space, as defined in terms of the physical universe, may
or may not exist in other universes. The Domain exists
in such a universe, as well as in the physical universe.
One of the rules of the physical universe is that energy
can be created, but not destroyed. So, the universe
will keep expanding as long as IS-BEs keep adding more
new energy into it. It is nearly infinite. It is like
an automobile assembly line that never stops running and
none of the cars are ever destroyed.
Every IS-BE is basically good. Therefore, an IS-BE does
not enjoy doing things to other IS-BEs which they
themselves do not want to experience. For an IS-BE
there is no inherent standard for what is good or bad,
right or wrong, ugly or beautiful. These ideas are all
based on the opinion of each individual IS-BE.
The closest concept that human beings have to describe
an IS-BE is as a god: all-knowing, all-powerful,
infinite. So, how does a god stop being a god? They
pretend NOT to know. How can you play a game of "hide
and seek" if you always know where the other person is
You pretend NOT to know where the other players are
hiding, so you can go off to "seek" them. This is how
games are created. You have forgotten that you are just
"pretending". In so doing, IS-BEs become entrapped and
enslaved inside a maze of their own devising.
How does one create a cage, lock one's own self inside
the cage, throw away the key, and forget there is a key
or a cage, and forget there is an "inside" or "outside",
and even forget there is a self? Create the illusion
that there is no illusion: the entire universe is real,
and that no other universe exists or can be created.
On Earth, the propaganda taught and agreed upon is that
the gods are responsible, and that human beings are not
responsible. You are taught that only a god can
create universes. So, the responsibility for every
action is assigned to another IS-BE or god. Never
No human being ever assumes personal responsibility for
the fact that they, themselves -- individually and
collectively -- are gods. This fact alone is the source
of entrapment for every IS-BE.
Chapter Thirteen
A Lesson In The Future
"I think this transcript speaks for itself also. I relayed Airl's exact communication as
faithfully as possible. My superior officers became very alarmed about the possible
military implications of what Airl said in this interview."
Official Transcript of the U.S. Army Air Force
Roswell Army Air Field, 509th Bomb Group
SUBJECT: ALIEN INTERVIEW, 31. 7. 1947, 1st Session
" 'It is my personal belief that the truth should not be
sacrificed on the altar of political, religious or
economic expediency. 227 (Footnote) As an officer, pilot and
engineer of The Domain it is my duty to protect the
greater good of The Domain and its possessions. However,
we cannot defend ourselves against forces of which we
are not aware.
The isolation of Earth from the rest of civilization
prevents me from discussing many subjects with you at
this time. Security and protocol prevent me from
revealing any but the broadest, general statements about
the plans and activities of The Domain. However, I can
give you some information that you may find useful.
I must return to my assigned duties on the "space
station" now. I have provided as much help as I feel
ethically able to offer, given the requirements and
constraints of my duties as an officer, pilot and
engineer of The Domain Forces. Therefore, I will
depart, as an IS-BE, from Earth within the next 24
(EDITOR'S NOTE: The following several paragraphs appear to be personal
comments made by Matilda to the stenographer regarding her interview with
What this means is that Airl will leave her "doll" with
us, as her craft is damaged beyond repair. We can
examine, dissect and study the body at our leisure. She
does not have any further use for it, nor does she have
any personal feelings or attachments to it as others are
readily available for her use.
Airl does not recommend that there is any technology in
the body that Earth scientists will find useful,
however. The technology of the body is simple, yet
vastly beyond the reckoning of our current ability to
analyze or reverse engineer any facet of it. The body
is neither biological or mechanical, but a unique
fabrication a materials and ancient technologies not
found on any Earth-type planet.
As Airl mentioned previously, a very rigid and
distinctive hierarchy of social, economic and cultural
classes exists throughout The Domain which has remained
unvaried and inviolate for many millennia. The body
type and function assigned to an IS-BE officer varies
specifically according to the rank, class, longevity,
training level, command level, service record, and
meritorious citations earned by each individual IS-BE,
as with any other military insignia.
The body used by Airl is specifically designed for an
officer, pilot and engineer of her rank and class. The
bodies of her companions, which were destroyed in the
crash, were not of the same rank or class, but of a
junior rank. Therefore, the appearance, features,
composition and functionality of those bodies were
specialized, and limited to the requirements of their
The junior officers whose bodies were damaged in the
crash have left their bodies and returned to their
duties on the space station. The damage suffered by
their bodies was due primarily to the fact that they
were officers of lower rank. They used bodies which were
partially biological and therefore far less durable and
resilient than hers.
(EDITOR'S NOTE: At this point, the transcript appears to resume with
statements made by Airl.)
Although The Domain will not hesitate to destroy any
active vestiges of the "Old Empire" operations where
ever they are discovered this is not our primary mission
in this galaxy. I am sure that the "Old Empire" mindcontrol
mechanisms can be deactivated and destroyed
eventually. However, it is not possible to estimate how
long this make take, as we do not understand the extent
of this operation at this time.
We do know that the "Old Empire" force screen is vast
enough to cover this end of the galaxy, at least. We
also know from experience that each force generator and
trapping device is very difficult to detect, locate and
destroy. Also, it is not the current mission of The
Domain Expeditionary Force to commit resources to this
The eventual destruction of these devices may make it
possible for your memory to be restored, simply by
virtue of not having it erased after each lifetime.
Fortunately, the memory of an IS-BE cannot be
permanently erased.
There are many other active space civilizations who
maintain various nefarious operations in this area, not
the least of which is dumping unwanted IS-BEs on Earth.
None of these craft are hostile or in violent opposition
to The Domain Forces. They know better than to
challenge us!
For the most part The Domain ignores Earth and its
inhabitants, except to ensure that the resources of the
planet itself are not permanently spoiled. This sector
of the galaxy was annexed by The Domain and is the
possession of The Domain, to do with or dispose of as it
deems best. The moon of Earth and the asteroid belt
have become a permanent base of operations for The
Domain Forces.
Needless to say, any attempt by humans or others to
interfere in the activities of The Domain in this solar
system -- even if it were possible, which it definitely
is not -- will be terminated swiftly. This is not a
serious concern, as I mentioned earlier, since homo
sapiens cannot operate in open space.
Of course we will continue with the next steps of The
Domain Expansion Plan which has remained on schedule for
billions of years. Over the next 5,000 years there will
be increasing traffic and activity of The Domain Forces
as we progress toward the center of this galaxy and
beyond to spread our civilization through the universe.
If humanity is to survive, it must cooperate to find
effective solutions to the difficult conditions of your
existence on Earth. Humanity must rise above its human
form and discover where they are, and that they are ISBEs,
and who they really are as IS-BEs in order to
transcend the notion that they are merely biological
bodies. Once these realizations have been made, it may
be possible to escape your current imprisonment.
Otherwise, there will be no future for the IS-BEs on
Although there are no active battles or war being waged
between The Domain and the "Old Empire", there still
exists the covert actions of the "Old Empire" taken
against Earth through their thought control operation.
When one knows that these activities exist, the effects
can be observed clearly. The most obvious examples of
these actions against the human race can be seen as
incidents of sudden, inexplicable behavior. A very
recent instance of this occurred in the United States
military just before the Japanese attack on Pearl
Harbor. 228 (Footnote)
Just three days before the attack, someone in authority
ordered all the ships in Pearl Harbor to go into port
and secure for inspection. The ships were ordered to
take all the ammunition out of their magazines, and
store it below. On the afternoon before attack all of
the admirals and generals were attending parties, even
though two Japanese aircraft carriers were discovered
standing right off Pearl Harbor.
The obvious action to take would have been to contact
Pearl Harbor by telephone to warn them of the danger of
a fight starting and to put the ammunition back and
order the ships to get out of port into open sea.
About six hours before the Japanese attack began, a U.S.
navy ship sank a small Japanese submarine right outside
the harbor. Instead of contacting Pearl Harbor by
telephone to report the incident, a warning message was
put into top secret code, which took about two hours to
encode, and then it took another two hours to decode.
The word of warning to Pearl Harbor did not arrive until
10:00 AM Pearl Harbor time, Sunday -- two hours after
the Japanese attack destroyed the U.S. fleet.
How do things like this happen?
If the men who were responsible for these obviously
disastrous errors were stood up and asked bluntly to
justify their actions and intentions you would find out
that they were quite sincere in their jobs. Ordinarily,
they do the very best they can do for people and
nations. However, all of a sudden, from some
completely unknown and undetectable source enters these
wild, unexplainable situations that just 'can't exist'.
The "Old Empire" thought control operation is run by a
small group of old "baboons" with very small minds.
They are playing insidious games with no purpose and no
goal other than to control and destroy IS-BEs who could
otherwise manage themselves perfectly well, if left
These types of artificially created incidents are being
forced upon the human race by the operators of the mindcontrol
prison system. The prison guards will always
promote and support oppressive or totalitarian
activities of IS-BEs on Earth. Why not keep the inmates
fighting between themselves? Why not empower madmen to
run the governments of Earth? The men who run the
criminal governments of Earth mirror the commands given
them by covert thought-controllers of the "Old Empire".
The human race will continue to shadow box with this for
a long time -- as long as it remains the human race.
Until then, the IS-BEs on Earth will continue to live a
series of consecutive lives, over and over and over.
The same IS-BEs who lived during the rise and fall of
civilizations in India, China, Mesepotamia, Greece, and
Rome are inhabiting bodies in the present time in
America, France, Russia, Africa, and around the world.
In between each lifetime an IS-BE is sent back again, to
begin all over, as though the new life was the only life
they had ever lived. They begin anew in pain, in
misery, and mystery.
Some IS-BEs have been transported to Earth more recently
than others. Some IS-BEs have been on Earth only a few
hundred years, so they have no personal experiences with
the earlier civilizations of Earth. They have no
experiences of having lived on Earth, so could not
remember a previous existence here, even if their memory
was restored. They might, however, remember lives they
lived elsewhere on other planets and in other times.
Others have been here since the first days of Lemuria.
In any case, the IS-BEs of Earth are here forever, until
they can break the amnesia cycle, conquer the electronic
traps set up by their captors and free themselves.
Because The Domain has three thousand of their own ISBEs
in captivity on Earth also, they have an interest in
solving this problem. This problem has never been
encountered or effectively solved before in the
universe, as far as they know. They will continue their
efforts to free those IS-BEs from Earth, where and when
it is possible, but it will require time to develop an
unprecedented technology and the diligence to do so.'
(EDITOR'S NOTE: The following statement is a comment by Matilda.)
I think it is Airl's sincere desire, as one IS-BE to
another, that the rest of our eternity will be as
pleasant as possible."
Chapter Fourteen
Airl Reviews The Interview Transcripts
"Shortly after I finished recounting the previous interview with Airl to the
stenographer, I was summoned urgently to the office of the Commanding Officer of
the base. I was escorted by four heavily armed military policemen. When I arrived,
I was asked to be seated in a very large, make-shift office that had been arranged
with a conference table and chairs. In the office were several dignitaries I had seen
at various times in "the gallery". I recognized a few of them because they were
famous men.
I was introduced to these men, which included:
Army Air Force Secretary Symington, 229 (Footnote) General Nathan Twining,
230 (Footnote) General Jimmy Doolittle , 231 (Footnote) General Vandenberg,
232 (Footnote) and General Norstad. 233 (Footnote)
Much to my surprise Charles Lindbergh 234 (Footnote) was also in the office.
Secretary Symington explained to me that Mr. Lindberg was there as a consultant to
the chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force. There were several other men present in the
room who were not introduced. I assume these men were personal aides to the
officers or agents of some intelligence service.
All of this sudden attention, not only from the Secretary and generals, but from such
world famous people as Mr. Lindbergh, and General Doolittle, made me realize how
critically important my role as an "interpreter" for Airl was, as seen through the eyes
of others. Until this time I was not really aware of this except in an peripheral sense.
I suppose this was because I was so absorbed in details of the extraordinary situation.
Suddenly, I began to grasp the magnitude of my role. I think that the presence of
these men in that meeting was intended, in part, to impress me with this fact!
The Secretary instructed me not to be nervous. He said that I was not in any trouble.
He asked me if I thought the alien would be willing to answer a list of questions they
had prepared. He explained that they were very eager to discover many more details
about Airl, the flying disc, The Domain, and many other subjects that Airl had
disclosed in the interview transcripts. Of course, they were mainly interested in
questions relating to the military security and the construction of the flying disc.
I told them that I was very sure that Airl had not changed her mind about answering
questions, as nothing had changed that would cause her to trust the intentions of the
men in the gallery. I repeated that Airl had communicated everything that she was
willing and at liberty to discuss already.
In spite of this, they insisted that I would ask Airl again if she would answer
questions. And, if the answer was still "NO", I was to ask her if she would be
willing to read the written copies of the transcripts of my interview "translations".
They wanted to know if Airl would verify that my understanding and translation of
our interviews was correct.
Since Airl could read English very fluently, the Secretary asked if they could be
allowed to observe for themselves while Airl read the transcripts, and verify that they
were correct in writing. They wanted her to write on a copy of the transcript whether
the "translations" were correct, or not, and make a note of anything that was not
accurate on the transcripts. Of course, I had no choice but to obey orders and I did
exactly what the Secretary requested.
I was given a copy of the transcripts, with a signature page, which I was to show to
Airl. After Airl completed her review, I was also directed to request that Airl sign
the cover-page, attesting that all of the translations in the transcripts were correct, as
amended by her.
About an hour later I entered the interview room, as instructed, with copies of the
transcripts and signature page to deliver to Airl as the members of the gallery,
including the Generals, (and Mr. Lindberg also, I presume) and others watched
through the glass of the gallery room.
I went to my usual seat, sitting 4 or 5 feet across from Airl. I presented the envelope
of transcripts to Airl, and passed on the instructions I had received from the
Secretary, telepathically. Airl looked at me, and looked at the envelope, without
accepting it.
Airl said: "If you have read them and they are accurate in you own estimation, there
is no need for me to review them also. The translations are correct. You can tell
your commander that you have faithfully conveyed a record of our communication."
I assured Airl that I had read them, and they were exact recordings of everything I
told the transcription typist.
"Will you sign the cover page then?", I asked.
"No, I will not.", said Airl.
"May I ask why not?", I said. I was a little confused as to why she wasn't willing to
do such a simple thing.
"If your commander does not trust his own staff to make an honest and accurate
report to him, what confidence will my signature on the page give him? Why will he
trust an ink mark on a page made by an officer of The Domain, if he does not trust
his own, loyal staff?"
I didn't quite know what to say to that. I couldn't argue with Airl's logic, and I
couldn't force her to sign the document either. I sat in my chair for a minute
wondering what to do next. I thanked Airl and told her I needed to go ask my
superiors for further instructions. I placed the envelope of the transcripts in the
inside breast pocket of my uniform jacket and began to rise from my chair.
At that moment the door from the gallery room slammed open! Five heavily armed
military police rushed into the room! A man in a white laboratory coat followed
closely behind them. He pushed a small cart that carried a box-shaped machine with
a lot of dials on the face of it.
Before I could react, two of the MPs grabbed Airl and held her firmly down in the
overstuffed chair she had been sitting on since the first day of our interviews
together. The two other MPs grabbed my shoulders and pushed me back down on
my chair and held me there. The other MP stood directly in front of Airl, pointing a
rifle directly at her, not more than six inches from her head.
The man in the lab coat quickly wheeled the cart behind Airl's chair. He deftly
placed a circular head band over Airl's head and turned back to the machine on the
cart. Suddenly, he shouted the word "clear!"
The soldiers who were holding Airl released her. At that instant I saw Airl's body
stiffen and shudder. This lasted for about 15 or 20 seconds. The machine operator
turned a knob on the machine and Airl's body slumped back into the chair. After a
few seconds he turned the knob again and Airl's body stiffened as before. He
repeated the same process several more times.
I sat in my chair, being held down all the while by the MPs. And I didn't understand
what was going on. I was terrified and transfixed by what was happening! I couldn't
believe it!
After a few minutes several other men wearing white lab coats entered the room.
They briefly examined Airl who was now slumped listlessly in the chair. They
mumbled a few words to each other. One of the men waved to the gallery window.
A gurney was immediately rolled into the room by two attendants. These men lifted
Airl's limp body onto the gurney, strapped her down across her chest and arms, and
rolled it out of the room.
I was immediately escorted out of the interview room by the MPs and taken directly
to my quarters, where I was locked in my room with the MPs remaining at guard
outside the door.
After about half an hour there was a knock at the door to my quarters. When I
opened it General Twining entered, together with the machine operator in the white
lab coat. The General introduced the man to me as Dr. Wilcox. 235 (Footnote). He
asked me to accompany him and the doctor. We left the room, followed by the MPs.
After several twists and turns through the complex we entered a small room where
Airl had been wheeled on the gurney.
The General told me that Airl and The Domain were considered to be a very great
military threat to the United States. Airl had been "immobilized" so that she could
not depart and return to her base, as she said she would do in the interview. It would
be a very grave risk to national security to allow Airl to report what she observed
during her time at the base. So, it had been determined that decisive action was
needed to prevent this.
The General asked me if I understood why this was necessary. I said that I did,
although I most certainly did not agree that it was the least bit necessary and I
certainly did not agree with the "surprise attack" on Airl and me in the interview
room! However, I said nothing about this to the General because I was very afraid
of what might happen to me and Airl if I protested.
Dr. Wilcox asked me to approach the gurney and stand next to Airl. Airl lay
perfectly still and unmoving on the bed. I could not tell whether she was alive or
dead. Several other men in white lab coats, who I assumed were also doctors, stood
on the opposite side of the bed. They had connected two pieces of monitoring
equipment to Airl's head, arms and chest. One of these devices I recognized from
my training as a surgical nurse as an EEG machine 236 (Footnote) which is used to
detect electrical activity in the brain. The other device was a normal hospital room
vital signs monitor, which I knew would be useless since Airl did not have a
biological body.
Dr. Wilcox explained to me that he had administered a series of "mild" electroshocks
to Airl in an attempt to subdue her long enough to allow the military authorities time
to evaluate the situation and determine what to do with Airl.
He asked me to attempt to communicate with Airl, telepathically.
I tried for several minutes but couldn't sense any communication from Airl. I
couldn't even sense whether Airl was present in the body any longer!
"I think you must have killed her", I said to the doctor.
Dr. Wilcox told me that they would keep Airl under observation and that I would be
asked to return later to try to establish communication with Airl again."
Chapter Fifteen
My Interrogation
"The next morning I was escorted from my quarters, under the guard of four MPs, to
the interview room. Airl's overstuffed chair had been removed from the room and
replaced by a small desk and several office chairs. I was asked to sit down and wait
to be interviewed. After a few minutes Dr. Wilcox came into the office together with
another man wearing a plain business suit. The man introduced himself as John
Reid. 237 (Footnote)
Dr. Wilcox explained to me that Mr. Reid had been flown in from Chicago at the
request of my superior officers to conduct a lie detector 238 (Footnote) test on me!
My surprise at this statement was so obvious, that Dr. Wilcox noticed that I was
obviously taken aback, and insulted, at the insinuation that I had ever lied about
Nonetheless, Mr. Reid began to set up his polygraph device on the desk next to my
chair, while Dr. Wilcox continued to explain, in a calm voice, that the test was being
administered for my own protection. Since all of the interviews with the alien had
been conducted telepathically, and Airl had declined to read and attest that the typed
transcripts were accurate, that the truth and accuracy of the statements contained in
the transcripts depended entirely on my personal word alone. There was no other
reliable way to test the accuracy of the transcripts without submitting me to a battery
of tests and psychological examinations to determine, in the opinion of "experts",
meaning himself, whether the transcripts should be taken seriously, or not.
The tone of his voice said very clearly, "or dismissed as the delusional ranting of a
mere woman!"
Mr. Reid proceeded to strap a rubber tube around my chest, as well as an ordinary
blood-pressure cuff around my upper arm. He then placed electrodes on the fingers
and surfaces of my hands. He explained that he would be very objective during the
interview because he had been thoroughly trained in scientific interrogation. This
training was supposed to make his interrogation free from human error.
Mr. Reid explained to me that, in response to the questions he and Dr. Wilcox were
going to ask me, that actual physiological changes would be transmitted through a
small panel unit. The readings would then be tracked on moving graph paper, which
he placed beside the machine on the desk. The parallel graphs on the paper would
then be correlated and interpreted by Mr. Reid, with the "expert" assistance of Dr.
Wilcox, to determine whether or not I was lying.
Both Mr. Reid and Dr. Wilcox asked me a series of innocuous questions to begin,
which advanced into a more pointed interrogation about my interviews with Airl.
Here is what I remember about the questions:
"What is your name?"
"Matilda O'Donnell", I replied.
"What is your date of birth?"
"June 12th, 1924", I said.
"What is your age?"
"Where were you born?"
"Los Angeles, California", I said.
(And so on, and so forth.)
"Are you able to communicate by telepathy?"
"No. I have never been able to do this with anyone except Airl." I said.
"Were any of the statements you made to the stenographer falsified?
"No", I answered.
"Have you intentionally or unintentionally imagined or fabricated any of the
communication you claimed to have had with the alien?"
"No, of course not", I said.
"Are you intentionally attempting to deceive anyone?"
"Are you attempting to obstruct this test?"
"What color are your eyes?"
"Are you a Catholic?"
"Would you tell the same stories to your parish priest in a Catholic church
confessional that you told to the stenographer here at the base?"
"Are you trying to hide anything from us?"
"No. Nothing."
"Do you believe everything the alien communicated to you?"
"Do you consider yourself to be a gullible person?"
The questions continued in this manner for more than an hour. Finally, I was
unhooked from the polygraph machine and allowed to return to my quarters, still
under guard by the MPs.
Later in the afternoon I returned to the interview room. This time the desk was
replaced by a hospital gurney. Dr. Wilcox was accompanied by a staff nurse this
time. He asked me to lie down on the gurney. He said that he had been requested to
ask me the same series of questions that I answered for the lie detector test.
This time, however, I would respond to the questions under the influence of a "truth
serum", 239 (Footnote) known as sodium pentothal. As a trained surgical nurse, I was
familiar with this barbiturate drug as it was sometimes used as an anesthetic.
Dr. Wilcox asked me if I had any objection to submitting to such a test. I told him
that I had nothing to hide. I cannot recall anything about this interview. I assumed
that when I finished answering the questions I was escorted back to my room by the
MPs, with their assistance this time, as I was too wobbly and woozy from the drug to
navigate by myself. However, I had a very peaceful sleep that night.
Apparently neither of these interrogations yielded any suspicious results as I was not
asked any more questions after that. Thankfully, I was left alone during the rest of
my time at the base."
Chapter Sixteen
Airl Departs
"I remained at the base, mostly confined to my quarters, for another 3 weeks
after Airl had been "incapacitated" by Dr. Wilcox. Once a day I was escorted to
the room where Airl lay on the bed under continued surveillance by Dr. Wilcox,
and others, I assume. Each time I went to the room, I was asked to try to
communicate with Airl again. Each time there was no response. This saddened
me a great deal. As the days continued I became increasing more certain and
distressed that Airl was "dead", if that is the right word for it.
Every day, I re-read the transcripts of my interviews with Airl, searching for a
clue that might remind me of something or help me in some way to re-establish
communication with Airl. I still had the envelope in my possession with copies
of the transcripts that Airl was asked to sign. To this day, I don't understand
why no one ever asked me to return them. I suppose they forgot about the copy
of the transcripts in all the excitement. I did not offer to return them. I kept
them concealed under the mattress of my bed all the time I remained at the base,
and have kept them with me ever since then. You will be the first person to see
these transcripts.
Since Airl's body was not biological, the doctors could not detect whether the
body was alive or dead unless it moved. Of course I knew that if Airl was not
consciously animating the body as an IS-BE, the body would not move.
I explained this to Dr. Wilcox. I explained this to him several times. Each time
he just gave me a patronizing sort of smile, patted my arm, and thanked me for
trying again.
At the end of the third week I was told by Dr. Wilcox that my services would no
longer be needed because it had been decided by the military to move Airl to a
larger, more secure military medical facility that was better equipped to deal
with the situation. He didn't say anything about where the facility was located.
That was the last time I saw Airl's doll body.
The following day I received written orders, signed by General Twining. The
orders said that I had completed my service to the U.S. military and was
officially discharged from further duty and that I would receive an honorable
discharge and a generous military pension. I would be also be relocated by the
military, and given a new identity with the appropriate documents.
Along with the orders I received a document that I was instructed to read and
sign. It was an oath of secrecy. The language of the document was full of
"legalese", but the point was very clearly made that I was to never, ever discuss
anything whatsoever with anyone whatsoever about anything whatsoever that I
has seen, heard or experienced during my service in the military -- under pain of
death as an Act of Treason against the United States of America!
As it turned out, I was placed into a Federal government witness protection
program 240 (Footnote), except that I would be protected from the government by
the government. In other words, as long as I stayed quiet I could stay alive!
The following morning I was placed aboard a small military transport plane and
flown to a relocation destination. After being shuttled to several locations for
short periods, I eventually I ended up in Glasgow, Montana near Fort Peck.
The night before I was scheduled to board the transport plane, as I lay in bed
contemplating the whole affair and wondering what happened to Airl, and to me,
I suddenly heard Airl's "voice". I sat bolt upright in my bed and turned on the
light on the night stand! I looked around the room frantically for a few seconds.
Then I realized that it was Airl, the IS-BE. Her body was not in the room with
me, of course, and it didn't need to be.
She said "Hello!". The tone of her thought was plain and friendly. It was
unmistakably Airl. I did not have the least doubt about that!
I thought, "Airl? Are you still here?" She answered that she was "here", but
not in a body on Earth. She had returned to her post at The Domain base when
the doctor and MPs attacked us in the interview room. She was pleased to
perceive that I was well, and that I was going to be released unharmed.
I wondered how she escaped from them. I was worried that they might have
injured Airl by the shock machine. Airl said that she was able to leave the body
before the shock was administered and avoided the electric current running
through the body. She wanted to let me know that she was safe and not to worry
about her. I was very relieved, to say the least!
I asked Airl if I would every see her again. Airl reassured me that we are both
IS-BEs. We are not a physical bodies. Now that she had located me in space
and time we would always stay in communication. Airl wished me well and my
communication with her ended for the moment."
Post Script from Mrs. MacElroy
EDITOR' NOTE: The following message was enclosed in a separate
envelope marked "READ ME LAST", together with the original letter, the
transcripts and the other notes of explanation I received in the envelope
from Mrs. MacElroy. This is what the message said:
"The other documents in this envelope are the end of
the story, as far as what happened back in 1947.
However, several months after the government got me
settled at my final relocation destination, I
continued my communication with Airl on a regular
It has been almost exactly 40 years since the crash
at Roswell. Since then it has become obvious to me
that I have been able to communicate telepathically
with Airl for one reason: I am one of the 3,000
members of the Lost Battalion. At this time, all of
the members of the Lost Battalion have been located
on Earth as a result of The Domain Annunaki Mission
and their use of the "Tree of Life" detection device.
Through my communication with Airl, I have recovered
some of my memory of lives I've spent on Earth over
the past 8,000 years. Most of these memories are not
especially important compared to the long backtrack
of events, but it has been a necessary stepping stone
to regaining my awareness and ability as an IS-BE.
I can also remember some dim patches of my life in
The Domain Expeditionary Force. I was a nurse there
too. For the most part I've been a nurse over and
over and over again down through the ages. I stick
with being a nurse because it is familiar to me. And,
I enjoy the work of helping people, as well as
members of the race of biological beings in The
Domain whose bodies look more like insects than
mammals, especially their hands. Even doll bodies
need some repair once in awhile, too.
As I remember more about my past, I realize that the
rest of my life is in the future. Eternity is not
just in the past. Eternity is in the future. At
this point I am still not able to fully return to The
Domain. I am sentenced to eternal imprisonment, like
all other IS-BEs in the living Hell called Earth,
until we can disable the "Old Empire" force screens.
Because I won't keep my biological body much longer
now, I am intensely aware that very soon I will be
recycled through the amnesia process of the "Old
Empire", and stuck back into another baby body to
start all over again -- without any memory of what
went before.
As you know, members of The Domain Expeditionary
Force have been working to solve this problem for
thousands of years. Airl says that even though The
Domain has located all of the Lost Battalion officers
and crew, the success of freeing them depends on the
IS-BEs who are already on Earth. The Domain Central
Command cannot authorize any personnel or resources,
at this time, to conduct a "rescue mission" as this
in not the primary mission of The Domain
Expeditionary Force in this galaxy.
So, if IS-BEs on Earth are going to escape from this
prison, it will have to be an "inside job", so to
speak. The inmates will have to figure out how to
get themselves out. Various methods of recovering
the memory and ability of IS-BEs have been developed
over the past 10,000 years on Earth, but none have
proven to be consistently effective so far.
Airl mentioned that the most significant breakthrough
was made by Gautama Siddhartha about 2,500 years ago.
However, the original teachings and techniques taught
by The Buddha have been altered or lost over the
millennia since then. The practical techniques of
his philosophy were perverted into robotic religious
rituals by priests as a self-serving instrument of
control or slavery.
However, another major advance occurred recently. An
acquaintance of The Commanding Officer of The Domain
Expeditionary Force Space Station is an IS-BE who had
once been an important engineer and officer in the
"Old Empire" Space Fleet. He become an "untouchable"
himself about 10,000 years ago and was sentenced to
Earth for leading a mutiny against the oppressive
regime of the "Old Empire". The engineer was trained
in Advanced Scientific Improvisation Theory thousands
of years ago. This man has applied his expertise to
helping The Domain solve the apparently unsolvable
problem of rescuing the members of the Lost
Battalion, as well as the IS-BEs on Earth.
Careful observation and experimental analysis of the
mechanics of memory in IS-BEs by he and his wife, who
assisted him, led to the realization that IS-BEs can
recover from amnesia and also regain lost abilities.
Together they discovered and developed effective
methods that they used to rehabilitate their own
memories. They eventually codified their methods so
that others can safely be trained to apply them to
themselves and others, without detection by the "Old
Empire" thought control operators.
Their research also revealed that IS-BEs can occupy
and operate more than one body at the same time --
a fact that previously was thought to be uniquely
limited to officers of The Domain.
One example of this fact is that the engineer, in a
previous lifetime on Earth, was Suleiman The
Magnificent 241 (Footnote). His assistant was a harem girl
who rose up from slavery to become his wife and rule
the Ottoman empire with him. 242 (Footnote) Simultaneously,
she inhabited another body and ruled her own empire
as Queen Elizabeth. 243 (Footnote) As the Queen of England,
she never married, because she was already married to
the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire!
In a later life he was incarnated as Cecil Rhodes.
244 (Footnote). During his life as Rhodes she was, again,
a princess, this time from Poland. 245 (Footnote) As such,
she pursued Rhodes unsuccessfully toward the end of
his life. However, in their next incarnation they met
again, were married, had a family, and again, worked
together successfully all of their lives.
Several other notable examples of this phenomena were
observed. For example, the process of refining steel
was invented by the same IS-BE who inhabited two
bodies simultaneously. One was named Kelly 246 (Footnote)
who lived in Kentucky, and the other was a man named
Bessemer 247 (Footnote) who lived in England. They both
conceived the same process at the same time.
Another example is Alexander Graham Bell 248 (Footnote) the
inventor of the telephone, which was invented by
several others at the same time, including Elisha
Gray. 249 (Footnote) The telephone was conceived
concurrently in several locations around the world
all at once. This was a single IS-BE of such
tremendous energy and ability that he was able to
operate several bodies in several different locations
while conducting complex research work!
Thanks to these revelations, The Domain has been able
to return some of IS-BEs of the Lost Battalion to
active duty on a limited, part-time basis. For
example, two young girls who occupy biological bodies
on Earth are now, at the same time, working as active
members of The Domain Expeditionary Force on the
asteroid space station as operators of a
communication switchboard. These operators relay
messages between The Domain Expeditionary Force and
The Domain Command Headquarters.
Recently, I, myself have been able to resume some of
my own duties for The Domain Expeditionary Force
while continuing to live on Earth. This is not an
easy task however, and can only be done while my
biological body is sleeping.
It makes me very, very happy to know that we may not
have to stay on Earth forever! There is hope of
escape, not just for the Lost Battalion, but for many
other IS-BEs on Earth.
However, all IS-BEs could be helped to become more
aware of the actual situation on Earth through the
information in this envelope. This is why I sent
these letters and transcripts to you. I want you to
get these documents published. I want IS-BEs on
Earth to have a chance to find out what is really
happening on Earth.
Most people will not believe any of it, I'm sure. It
seems too incredible. No "reasonable" person would
ever believe a word of it. However, it only seems
"incredible" to an IS-BE whose memory has been erased
and replaced with false information inside the
electronically controlled illusion of a prison
planet. We must not allow the apparent incredibility
of our situation to prevent us from confronting the
reality of it.
Frankly, "reasons" have nothing to do with reality.
There are no reasons. Things are what they are. If
we don't face the facts of our situation, we're going
to stay under the thumb of the "Old Empire" forever!
The biggest weapon the "Old Empire" has left now is
our ignorance of what they are doing to all the ISBEs
on Earth. Disbelief and secrecy are the most
effective weapons they have!
The government agencies that classified the enclosed
transcripts as "TOP SECRET" are run by IS-BEs who are
nothing more than mindless automatons covertly
ordered about through hypnotic commands given by the
"Old Empire" prison operators. They are the
unknowing slaves of unseen slave masters -- and all
the more enslaved by their willingness to be slaves.
Most of the IS-BEs on Earth are good, honest, able
beings: artists, managers, geniuses, free thinkers
and revolutionaries who have harmed no one, really.
They are no threat to anyone except the criminals who
have imprisoned them.
They must find out about the "Old Empire" amnesia and
hypnosis operation. They must remember their own past
lives. The only way this will ever happen is to
communicate, coordinate and fight back. We have to
tell other people and they have to discuss it openly
with each other. Communication is the only effective
weapon against secrecy and oppression.
This is why I am asking you to tell this story.
Please share these transcripts with as many people as
you can. If the people of Earth are told what is
really going on here, perhaps they will begin to
remember who they are, and where they came from.
For now, we can begin our own release and rescue with
words. We can be free again. We can be ourselves
again. Perhaps I will meet you in person, with or
without a body, somewhere in our Eternal Future.
Good Luck To All Of Us,
Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy

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